Thursday, October 13, 2016

why is the air pure at the time of Fajar ?

A scholar was once asked "why is the air pure at the time of Fajar" ??...the scholar answered...." because No Hypocrites get up to pray Fajar".
Fajar is the most precious time you'll have a quiet and intimate relationship with Allah (Subhanahu wata'ala).
Shaitan tries to limit your praying because he knows

your praying will limit him.
The two rakat of sunnah of fajar are better than the world and all it contains.
Praying fajar is the first war against shaitan, we live in the world where loosing the mobile signal is worse than loosing the Fajar Prayer.
Fajar Tips......
● Make Intention
● Make Dua
● sleep Early
● Set Multiple Alarms
● Place Alarm at a Distance
● Ask Someone to Wake you up.
Let's do a promise to ourself In sha Allah we will never miss Fajar. This message for all...please don't miss the fajar prayer.
Fajar prayer is better than sleep.
Ya Allah only you know the secrets of our heart...please accept our prayers, Duas and good deeds. Ameen..

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