Monday, October 31, 2016

Arabic Tilism for Protection from Jinns, Faires (peri), Black Magic


Now a days there are so many problems due to lake of resistence in human, every man or woman is doing black magic, or magic to harm others, only for very little dispuets, if you are suffrering from such problems then Arabic Tilism for Protection from Jinns, Faires (peri), Black Magic is for you, 
Print this naqsh and fold it as taweez and wera in neck or tie on your right arm, 


Aaj kal log choti choti baton per naraz ho ker dosron per jadu kerwadeytey han, ya koi taweez ya amal kerwadeytey han, ta key dosrey ka nuqsan hojaye chahye unhey is sey koi faida na ho, ager aap bhi asey hi kisi jadu ka shikar hai tu ye naqash aap k liye hai,
Is naqsh ko print ker k taweez bana ker galey men pahen len ya sidhey bazu per bandh len, in shaa Allah hijazat rahey gi, 

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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  1. Can it be any color of taweez?

  2. Can I put more than 1 taweez in the body?

  3. yes for different problems you can put

  4. Do you have any taweez that I can mix with water?


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