Sunday, October 23, 2016


Recite Surah Rehman during sunrise in the morning at the dawn time, when you reach FABIAYE ALLAYE RIBIKUMA TUKAZIBAN then raise your first finger of right hand one time towards Sun, after completing surah pray to Allah that " O Allah as you give light and glow to the SUN make my business and future like that. do this wazifa 40 days.


Sobha sadq men suraj nikaltey hoye surah rehman parehn aur jab FABIAYE ALLAYE RIBIKUMA TUKAZIBAN per pohnchen tu shahadad ki ungli sey suraj ki tarf ishara karen, surah mukamal honey k baad dua karen, k Ya Allah jis terhan tu ney suraj ko roshni aur chamak ata fermnai hai asey hi meyrey krobar men barkat aur taraqi ata ferma, ye amal 40 din kerna hai, 

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  1. hello, do we have to raise first finger each time we comes to FABIAYE ALLAYE RIBIKUMA TUKAZIBAN or only first time when you read FABIAYE ALLAYE RIBIKUMA TUKAZIBAN...


  2. Sww.Are we to say the prayer in the morning alone or in the evening too. And fabiahi, is it only once or throughout the chapter. JZK

  3. @Olayinka Kudehinbu
    Only in the morning, throughout the chapter

  4. Sww.Thank you for your reply. Please I want to confirm. The first finger you refer to. Is it the one we normally raise fof attaiyat lillahi or kalima. OR the first small thick finger.Thank you.JZK

  5. assalamualikum the finger should be raised untill sureha compelet or judt first time wn-hen the aya come sir plz inform me

  6. @moin shaik
    judt first time wn-hen the aya come


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