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Anonymous said...


Do you have powerful taweez against computerhackers/stalkers.

They enter our computers en websites,
and they put virus and malware.

So to get rid of them and be protected,
we need powerful taweez against these criminals/thiefs.

Thank you.

Mustak Ali said...

Bhai jan hamara ek dost he to wo LG ka authorized service center ki bat chal rahi he .bs koi problem na usse kisi trah uska athorized centet mil jaye iske leeye koi trqeeb batay k kam jald se jald ho jaye ..

Ramzan jutt said...

Pl zzzzz tell me kesy mail karu hanfi bhai ko ..

Anonymous said...

Bhai ap apny account say Bhaihanfi@gmail par mail kar Kay daikh lain.main NY bhi Ki hai.shayd reply ajay

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