Thursday, October 27, 2016

Qurani Wazifa To Increase Mother Milk


Mother's Milk is an essential and just wellspring of new born infant's development. Mother's milk is restorative and anti-infection agents in piece. It makes child's invulnerable framework solid. It infants to battle with the malady. In some mother's this milk has not found in adequate amount. While, it is vital for child's development. For these situation, child needs to depend different sources. Which probably, can keeps it's development obstructed and may bring about insufficiency of proteins, vitamins and different supplements which is totally required amid this age. 

I have sought and now giving an effective and beautiful wazifa for such moms. This will insha ALLAH helps them to conquer this issue.

Recite above mentioned Ayet 3 times and blow on salat and eat it, do this 40 days, If you are blood pressure patient then use this salt in any food and eat that food, 

Masalul lazina yunfiqu_na amwa_lahum fi sabililla_hi ka masali habbatin ambatat sab'a sana_bila fi kulli sumbulatim mi'atu habbah(tin), walla_hu yuda_'ifu limay yasya_'(u), walla_hu wa_si'un 'alim(un).

Surh Al-baqra, 261:


Maa ka doodh bachey k liye behtaren ghiza hai, jo us ki hadiyon ko maboti deyta hai aur us men wo sarey viatmins mojood hotey han jo ek naye peyda honey waley bachey k liye bohet zarori hain, ager kisi wajhey sey maa ka doodh na ata ho tu bachey ko baher k doodh per bharosa kerna perta hai lakin us men wo taqat aur tawanai nahi hoti jo maa k doodh men hoti hai, 
Asi hi maaon k liye ye wazifa hai,
oper di gai ayet ko 3 bar phr ker thorey sey namak per dam ker k namak kha len, 40 din ye amal kerna hai, aager aap blood pressure ki mareez hain tu is namak ko kisi khaney ki cheez men mila ker kha len, 

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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