Monday, October 31, 2016

Arabic Tilism Taweez for Stomach Health


If you have stomach pain then first see a Doctor and if reports are clear and the coz of the pain is unknown then do this Arabic Tilism Taweez for Stomach Health.
Write this tilism taweez on a blank paper with normal per and tie it on the place of pain, or you can directly write it on the skin where you feel pain, in shaa Allah pain will vanish soon, 


Ager aap k pait men dard hai tu sab sey pehley kisi achey Doctor se rabta karen aur ager report sab theek hon aur dard ki waja samajh na aye tu ye Arabic Tilism Taweez for Stomach Health isteymal karen,
Ek sada kaghaz per ye tilism taweez aam pen sey likh ker dard ki jaga per bandhen ye dard ki jaga per likhen, in shaa Allah jald hi dard dor hojaye ga,

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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