Monday, October 17, 2016

Powerful Daily Sufi Zikar Wazifa

This is a powerful daily sufi zikar wazifa for all problems and wishes.
This is read by most of the sufies and it is fulfilled their worldly or religous needs.
If you are facing any problem or want to fulsill any wish or want to become Wali do this sufi zikar, ery day otherwise whenever you face difficulties. Insha ALLAH within few days your desire will be fulfilled, 

Recite bismillahir rahmanir rahim each time:

7 times Surah Fateha times
101 times any Durood-e-Pak;
79 times Surah Al Inshira;
1000 times Surah Ikhlaas;
7 times Surah Fateha times with Bismillah Shareef each time;
101 times any Durood-e-Pak;
101 times each of the following Kalimah

Then pray for your problem, inn Shaa Allah problem will be solved soon.
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