Tuesday, October 25, 2016

7 Nights Wazifa for Cancer


If any one wants to see the cure of a disease,  like Cancer or any other disease which has no cure in medical, in dream. Do the following wazifa. 
After Esha salat before going to bed take a bath (Ghusul) and wear neat and clean clothes. In a separate room, lie on bed without talking to any one and recite Darood Sharif 11 times and then read Surah Alam Nashrah 15 times also Surah waduhaha 15 times at last again 11 times Darood sharif.After that do a dua like this: Ya Allah show me the cure for that disease (call the name of disease), If you dont see the cure in your dreams then continue this up to 7 nights, In shaa Allah within 7 days you will see the cure. If you do not see any thing please keep doing it.


Ager aap kisi asey marz ka ilaj janna chah rahey hon jis ka ilaj is waqat medical men an ho, jeysey k cancer, ya koi aur marz tu phir ye amal karen, 
Isha k baad soney sey pehley Ghusal karen aur pak saaf kaprey pahen ker ek alg akmrey men bister per late jain, Phir pehley 11 bar Darood Sharif parhen phir 15 bar Surah Alam Nashrah aur sath hi 15 bar Surah waduhaha phir 11 bar Darood sharif. phir is k baad dua karen k ya Allah is maraz k jo behtareen ilja hai wo bata den, khowab men ilaj nazar ajaye ga, ager pehley din nazar na aye tu 7 din lagatar ye amal karen, in shaa Allah ilaj pata chal jaye ga aur us ilaj sey faida bhi hoga.
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