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When will be Lailat al-Qadr Shab-e-Qadr in 2016 لیلة القدر

When we talk about Lailat al-Qadr or Shabe Qadr, the first question came in our mind that when is Lailat al qadr ? 
Lets see what Quran and Hadess says about it, 

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar (Radi Allah Anhu) : Some men amongst the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) were shown in their dreams that the night of Qadr was in the last seven nights of Ramazan. Allah’s Messenger (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) said, “It seems that all your dreams agree that (the Night of Qadr) is in the last seven nights, and whoever wants to search for it should search in the last seven nights of Ramazan.”

[Sahih Bukhari : Volume 3, Book 32 “Taraweeh”, Number 233]

Narrated Abu Salama (Radi Allah Anhu) : I asked Abu Sa’id (Radi Allah Anhu) about the Night of Qadr and he said, “We practised Itikaf in the middle third month of Ramazan with Prophet Muhammad (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ). In the morning of the 20th of Ramazan, the Prophet Muhammad (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) came to and addressed us and said, ” I was informed of the date of the Night of Qadr but I was caused to forget it, or I forget, so search it in the last ten nights of month of Ramazan.”

But now the secret revealed that when is the Lailat al qadr is exactly fall.

“As-Sufuri said (may Allah have mercy on him):“I saw it written with my father’s hand from Shaykh Abul-Hasan Ash-Shadhili (Allah have mercy on him):

“Since I reached puberty I never missed seeing Laylatul-Qadr.
If the first day of Ramadan is a Sunday, it falls on the 29th;
if it is a Monday, it falls on the 21st;
if it is a Tuesday, it falls on the 27th;
if it is a Wednesday, it falls on the 29th like Sunday;
if it is a Thursday, it falls on the 25th;
if it is a Friday, it falls on the 27th like Tuesday;
if it is a Saturday, it falls on the 23rd, and Allah knows best.”

(Nuzhat Al-Majalis Wa Munkhatab An-Nafa’is” by Al-’Allama Ash-Shaykh ‘Abdur Rahman As-Sufuri Ash-Shafi

So it means in 2016 Lailat al qadar will be fall on 27th June.

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Bhai Hanfi

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