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In traditional magic there are many ways to protect yourself from negative energies (for example from black magic, various spells, demons etc.). The way considered most effective and the use of amulets. Owning the amulet, except people from seeing that it has on the physical body and the aura, it involves psychological effects because it offers man a dose of added security and confidence in himself. According to traditional beliefs, it is advisable for every man to have an amulet to protect themselves from negative energies that meets every day, especially those found in contact with other people. Every man has a default fate which, however, is influenced by luck. Unfortunately, this good fortune is often blocked by the negative energy of other people (especially by jealousy or black magic). In this case, even the vital energy of man is locked and followed the man acts with only 50% of its capacity and therefore can not reached as well significant and satisfactory results in any aspect of his life. Continually they riaccadono the same negative situations and failures. The person can not find a suitable love, not thriving at work and often also warn of disease. These situations have a direct influence on the human psyche, creating insecurity, depression, anxiety and increased stress, etc. The special importance of the use of amulets lies in the fact that it has the same effects on both believers and skeptics.
The content of the amulets is different and depends on the knowledge of its creator. For this usually meet the amulets with one or more prayers, amulets with magic squares and quotes from QUR'AN, amulets containing human figures, swords, snakes. You can also find an amulet that contains everything that was listed earlier.
The amulet's function is fully been explained in one of the texts that a certain amulet contained: "For protection against the demons, devils, magicians, monsters, against attacks, pain, headache, weakness, fever and any other illness. Allah is the most reliable protection. He always forgives. there is no power or strength than that of God, the Great and Almighty! "
Although amuletti have power in all aspects now listed in the majority are used by people who has already been the victim of a black magic, or by those who have the feeling that this is going to happen. Because of that the amulets are created just after the explicit request of the person who wants to reach the imunità against negative energies or bench after the elimination of blacks spells to prevent their repetition.
Contrary to the opinion that the amulets can be made at any time of day or night. That is, once the amulet is ordered, there is a wait of 15 to 30 days before it is pronto. The reason is that, the creation of amulets takes place in the second half of the lunar cycle, the last 14 days before the lunar change and always after midnight. In this way the amulet gets a particularly strong protective power and eliminates all negative influences.
Since the amulet must be in direct contact with the skin of the recipient for the first 40 days, the magician usually folds in the form of a triangle or square, then wraps it with duct tape and finally rolled up in a red cloth. Just after 40 days is allowed to keep the amulet in your purse or wallet. Some may wonder why they are really necessary 40-day contact between the amulet and skin. The explanation lies in the fact that the number 40 represents the physical and spiritual regeneration, but also the destiny, and for these reasons the number 40 has great importance. The text, namely the content of the amulet must not come into contact with the powder or the humidity and for its protection is wrapped with the adhesive tape.
Amulet is often added a plant leaf lat. Ruta graveolens for his works apotropaic. You must spray it with the root of the plant lat. Inula helenium using a particular formula. It is important to know that once received the amulet you need to take care of it because its power can be lost or changed if a third person, by mistake or on purpose, stabs him with a needle or other object. Just as if someone manages to steal your amulet can practice black magic on you. In addition to being effective against negative energies, amulets protect equally from diseases and unwanted propaganda. Today, as well as in ancient times, many companies and business people ordering amulets to protect their offices by hatred and jealousy of competitiveness.
There are various types of amulets: for the protection of individuals, for the protection of the house, the office, the various private properties, etc.
If the amulet is done to a person in your family who prefer not to carry it around with you, then the amulet is added a photograph of the owner and both are wrapped in a special cloth which is then coated with wax and so the fact is located above the bed of the person and has the same effect as of protection.

Get yourself an amulet!

If you want to order an amulet that will protect you from negative energies please send me the following information:

- Your name and surname
- Your date of birth
- Names of both your parents.

Based on your personal information gets an analysis to see what quotes and such prayers QUR'AN such symbols and figures which are best suited for your spiritual profile and according to information obtained from this analysis is created your amulet.

The expected arrival of your amulet is from 15 to 45 days. The price of the amulet is $54 US
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