Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dushman k shar se bachne k liye wazifa to secure from enemy

Dushman k shar se bachne k liye wazifa:

Hum apni zindagi main bht se logon se milte hain jin main se kuch hamare khair khawahan hote hain or kuch hasad krne wale jo k kisi n kisi waja se hamare dushman hote hain ku k bht se log humay khush dhekna nahi chahte or ye koshish krte hain hain k hamare har kam main mushkil ae or hum kamyabi hasil nahi kr saken isi liye dushman se bachna chae or Allah se qarib rehna chae or sirf Allah se panah mangni chae, ye wazifa parhne se ap dushman k khatre se bach jaen ge.

Ya muneemu Ya Jameenu Ya Mannanu ko 321 bar  Parhen Haftey ya Mangal sey shoro karen, Isha k baad.

Wazifa to secure from enemy:

We meet different people in our life that some of them our well wisher and some are get jealous for some reason because mostly people cannot see us happy and they try to make difficulties for us, so now do not get worry have faith in Allah and do this amal. Insha Allah you will be safe in hands of Allah.

Recite this Ya muneemu Ya Jameenu Ya Mannanu 321 times from Saturday or Tuesday, after Isha salat, daily, 
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