Thursday, June 23, 2016

Badan main dard k liye wazifa for body pain

Badan main dard k liye wazifa

Insani jisam ka har hissa bht aham hota hai kisi bhi kam ko krne k liye, jisam k kisi ek hissay main bhi takleef ho to hum kisi kam ko krne k liye mohtaj ho jate hain or agar puray jisam main hi takleef ho jae to phir bht hi mushkil hai hamare liye or hum bht ilaj krte hain, ab jub bhi ap ko jisam main dard ho to ye wazifa parhiye. Insha Allah dard jald hi khatam ho jae ga.

In ayats ko raat ko soney sey pehley 41 bar phr ker neem garm pani per dam ker k pi len aur baat kiye bagher so jian, n3 din ye amal karen,

In English:

wazifa for body pain:

All parts of human body is very important to do anything, if we have pain in any one part we face difficulties but if we have pain in whole body we are unable to do anything/work, so whenever you have pain in body do this wazifa, pain will be finish soon.

At night before sleeping Recite these ayats 41 times and blow on a warm water then drink it, and go to bed without talking to any one,

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