Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tilsum for Reconciliation BH

This is a love tilsum which is designed to reconcile quarreling spouses / lovers or calm tensions in the relationship. 
On clean white paper write this verse with safron. Then pour some water into a metal container, put this paper in the container, and let the water boil on the stove.
Then pan remove from heat, remove the paper out. Leave it to dry it, and then burn and bury dust in the garden. With water you boiled you need to make your loved one coffee or tea. Or is little to pour in his / her juice.


Ye taweez do larey hoye logon ko milaney k liye hai, 
ek sada kaghaz per ye ayet likh len zaffran sey, phir ek bartan men thora pani len aur is taweez ko us bartan men dal den aur isey itna garam karen k panim ubalney lagey, phir is taweez ko nikal ker khshk honey dey, khushk honey k baad isey jala ker raakh zameen men dafan kerden.
aur is pani ko rothey hoye ko pila den, 
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