Friday, June 10, 2016

How to Make Awraad and Wazaif to be Effective

One should bear in mind that for the awraad and wazaif to be effective and for du`a to be accepted, it is necessary that the following 11 principles are adhered to:

1. A person’s food, drink and clothing should be from Halal means. Rasulullah r is reported as saying regarding that person who lifts his hands praying to Allah I, saying “O Lord! O Lord! How will his du`a be accepted when his food, drink and clothing are haram?” 

2. He must abstain from shirk.

3. He must honour and sanctify the SHA`’IRUL-LH (Major sanctifies of Allah).

4. He should focus his entire attention to Allah I whenever he is praying to Allah I or making Du`a.

5. He should abstain from committing any sin openly or secretly. He should also abstain from pomp and show.

6. He should make it a habit to seek Allah’s I forgiveness for himself and all other Muslims, especially his parents and shuyukh.

7. He should do some good deeds prior to making du`a.

8. He should begin with Allah’s I praises and end the du`a with salawat upon Rasulullah r.

9. He should not become despondent if there is delay in the acceptance of his du`a, thus discontinuing the du`a.

10. He should never make du`a for any wrong or something that is haram. Nor for that which is practically impossible to happen ordinarily.

11. He should lift both hands when making du`a. On completion he should say ameen and recite the durud and pass his hands over his face.

Bhai Hanfi
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