Thursday, July 31, 2014

wazifa to Remove Foot Pain

Hazrat Usman(R.A) narrates that once Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) sent a Jamaat to yemen and he made 1 of the Sahaba the Ameer of that Jamaat, who was youngest among those. They stayed at the same place for few days and didn't leave. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) came across one man from that Jamaat. Prophet(PBUH) enquired him: O you, what happened to you? why have you not gone yet? He then replied, O Prophet of Allah, our Ameer has pain in his feet. Prophet(PBUH) then went to that Ameer, and recited the following 7 times and blew on the feet of that Ameer. Ameer was relieved of his pain, instantly.
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  1. Sir g
    I have a warts in my foot last 2 years
    Plzz tell me some wazeefa


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