Friday, July 18, 2014

Empower Yourself to Get a Jinn

If you have tried to conjure and evoke genies or jinns  in the past without any success, then you should first empower yourself with this rite. If you are successful with this rite you would be magickally empowered and surely have more success conjuring genies and spirits without too much effort.
Method: fast from dawn to dusk for 9 days. During non-fasting hours, do not eat any meat or animal products. The fasting  should begin on the first Sunday of the arabic month (Islamic calendar). During the 9-days, recite the prayer verse below for 900x after every obligatory prayer:

Wakadzaalika nurii Ibrahiima malakuutas samaawaati wal ardhi waliyakuuna minalmuuqiniin.

The operation above should take place in a quiet, clean retreat. If this rite is done seriously and with all sincerity, on the last night you may find a reddish-orange mark about the size of a coin and your hand. This mark may or may not appear – but the result is the same – you will have been empowered to easily conjure and evoke spirits and genies.
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