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Secret Amals Tlisum of Love

In almost all Arabian magic books are described in dozens and sometimes entire chapters of recipes how to make love and tilsumi resinosa Ait. What is particularly characteristic of such texts are frequent warnings by the reader to fear Allah and do not use the offered secrets to achieve evil goals. Some authors even suggest that the reader is described strongest spell so Ibnil Hajj Tilmisanil in his book Šemsel anwaar reveals the most powerful vradžinu with which it can win the love of a man or a woman. For this occasion, it is necessary to midnight, when the zodiacal sign of Cancer dominant, blood pigeon write tilsum and then okaditi with the blood of the dead birds. Before that mag has to catch and keep a partridge in a cage until it is Tuesday and hour of Mars. Then he tied tilsum bird on the right wing and was released. According to Ibnil Hajj Tilmisanil's this magic is so strong that her target person can become physically ill. 

Tilsumi with the practice of tying knots are the most common forms of love magic with the Arabs. Most of all listed rites practiced by the ancient rules of Middle Eastern occultism - always at the beginning of an Arab months. In a darkened room filled with dense smoke and other odors buhura, in complete solitude, a mage dressed in white clothes writing ink of saffron or blood on paper mysterious signs and concentrated formula repeating the names of those who cast makes calling for help invisible beings. If his magic is based on the submission of gin in order to fulfill some desire then such magic always ends energetic statements "fast", "Now!" ... 

If, however, the wizard invokes Allah and His angels and then finally writing talisman soft voice full of respect pronounced "this tilsum for N son of N" - says the name of the mother-Allah, borrowing his angels to fulfill my request. God you must be, above all, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. There is no power or strength .... In this case, the talisman is not written with blood, but only "Arab ink" (saffron) or make a special ink of saffron, musk and rose water. 

Believing that the knot can produce a magical effect originates from the old Babylonians who are thus treated diseases but also merged lovers, caused impotence in men, etc.. How are all of Middle Eastern magic of learning permeated ancient Mesopotamian elements is no wonder why this practice is still current. 

When one wants to provoke love with a person takes seven silk threads of different colors. All threads are connected to each other and then tie seven knots in them. When the binding of each node by seven times the excuses "Moon names" and "names of four heads." Of course, like any other magic here to watch the ritual performed at specific times when the moon is in one of the fixed signs. Thread the nodes are then wrapped in a piece of skin of a wolf and a person who wants to be loved. In the very short term holder of this tilsuma will become an attractive person he likes and shortly thereafter will come to fruition emotional connection full of passion.

Note: Dont do it without permission
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  1. There is Allah name Ya Wadud, isnt that enough. Why people want do so complicated tasks?

  2. Do we hv to write boys name and his mother name on dat bread

  3. This is wrong surely. Astagfirullah but is this not like doing black magic and magic is forbidden in Islam so how can one brother give this kind of information so freely to people. Allah will not forgive anybody doing this. This is gunnah. There is no such thing in Islam as islamic magic. All magic whatever kind is forbidden. May Allah save us all from sins


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