Friday, July 18, 2014

Mohabbat ka Taweez, Love Taweez

Arabian magic is best known for the records and amulets, amazing religious and magical texts, whose purpose is to stimulate the fulfillment of some real desires. There are numerous large number of records for various purposes but the most popular are love records. They are the mysterious way emphasizes the joining of two people or created client records and desired partner or partners. Today there are a number of so-called Love Taweez that superficially or not at all familiar with ilm al Tīls or science of preparing talismans and amulets, and because of their ignorance spread false picture of this spiritual science and occultism in general. 

Although spiritual rules emphasize secrecy in their work, the less revealing detail, and generally modesty at informing the wider masses is necessary in order to clarify a peek at least one small part of an extensive and highly mystical branch of Arabian magic: 

-Love records can not be written for every desire, or created for each person. Before you start with the practical work of Love Taweez, which can only be male, must check whether the stars and the two correspond to each other. If the calculation and insight comes to the data that do not match their stars of this work is to give up. But it turned out that the stars client records and desired person in good standing then you can start working. 
-Love Taweez are always written a special pen and ink. Photocopied or record written in pen NO EFFECT. 
-Before writing Love Taweez must perform religious part (ablution, bowing and saying some of God's names or dove). 
- Love Taweez should not consume pork, smoke, drink alcohol. Also, watch for the physical and mental purity, not much to talk with other people, do not owe anybody anything, must regularly dispense charity (alms), etc.
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