Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taweez | Taweez for All Problems

(1) -  Taweezat - Taweez  ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )

(2) - Taweezat - Taweez  ( For Getting Progress Or Advancement In Any JobBusiness And Also For Getting Rid Off JobBusiness Problems )

(3) - Taveezat - Taveez ( "Her Kism Ki Mohabbat Ki Kamyabi Ke Liye" )

(4) - Taveezat - Taveez ( "For Getting Success In any Kind Of Love" )

(5) - Tawizat - Tawiz ( "Her Kism Ki Mannat Muraad (Manokamna Puri Hone Ke Kiye" )

(6) - Tawizat - Tawiz  ( "For The Fulfillment Of Vows, Any Good Desires & Wishes" )

(7) - Tawezat - Tawez ( "Her Kism Ka Hukm Manwane Ke Liye" )

(8) - Tawezat - Tawez ( "For Getting Our Any Order To Be Fulfilled" )

(9) - Taweezat - Taweez ( "Her Kism Ki Buri Atma,Bhoot Palit Or Jinno Ko Bhagane Ke Liye" )

(10) - Taweezat -Taweez ( "Get Rid Off Any Evil, Ghost, Bad Things" )  

(11) - Taweezat - Taweez ( "Bachche Ki Her Kism Ki Pareshani Door Karne Ke Liye" )

(12) - Taweezat - Taweez /6/ ( "Get Rid Off Any Problems For The Children" )

(13) - Taweezat - Taveez ( "Her Kism Ki Bimariyo Ki Ilaj Ke Liye" )

(14) - Taweezat - Taveez ( "Get Rid Off Any Diseases & Pains" )

(15) - Tawiz - Tawiz Remove Black Magic Problems in Your Life

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  1. Salaam,

    Do you have powerful taweez against computerhackers/stalkers.

    They enter our computers en websites,
    and they put virus and malware.

    So to get rid of them and be protected,
    we need powerful taweez against these criminals/thiefs.

    Thank you.

  2. Bhai jan hamara ek dost he to wo LG ka authorized service center ki bat chal rahi he .bs koi problem na usse kisi trah uska athorized centet mil jaye iske leeye koi trqeeb batay k kam jald se jald ho jaye ..

  3. Pl zzzzz tell me kesy mail karu hanfi bhai ko ..

  4. Bhai ap apny account say Bhaihanfi@gmail par mail kar Kay daikh lain.main NY bhi Ki hai.shayd reply ajay

  5. sir can you translate these TAWEEZ into english version..actually i don't understand urdu...

  6. Mere shop hai group usme barkat nhi ho rahi koi taweez to ya koi upaye betau plz help me mein. Bhuat parsaan ho plz help me

  7. Ap sb ko permission or tmam sawalon ka jwab email krne se hi mile ga.
    For any Question, problem, or permission please write me email.

  8. Help please help. Our neibours want to destroy our home. Please give a powerful taveez for the protection of our house. Nagar nigam can come any time to destroy our house please help.

  9. I want a powerful taveez to get ride of problems and fulfill those orders that i want........

    1. Apni maa aur bap ko khysh rkho unki izt kro..izt mlege

  10. Salam mere Behan bhaio aur meri shadi main Bohat mushkilat hain job main bohat problems hain taleem main mushkilat hain please kuch bataye

  11. Salam
    Meri Behan bhaio aur meri shadi main bohat mushkilat hain taleem main karobar main bohat masial hain har kam hoty hoty rok jata hai please kuch bataye ? :(

  12. Assalmu Alayikum.

    I am childless .i got marred in 4 years .Dr. Sade we have no problems . till 3 years we are treatment but i have not conception .
    Please ..please.. help me that i can be childbearing . Allah Hafiz .

  13. Dear sir i am younas Khan son of Safia date of Birth 10.2.1991 from mardan i have the victim of bad thoughts i can not make decision in my self,my mind does not work properly.i cannot achieve what i target.little thing becomes a big issue for me.i used to be very possitive my whole body has effected.although i have done struggle for success when i reach to my destination it happens with me...i do not know what is this i have been to many doctors and tried many wazaif but i do not know what should i do ...and what is this....i need a taweez and wazifa from you

  14. Aoa plz give me contact number. Maray sath buht problem ha help me

  15. can I get a takes you have done the reading
    as due to disability I can not keep clean

  16. @Tahir Nisar
    You can do it after Ghusal


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