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What Your Signature Says About You

The art of reading handwriting is called graphology.

The logic is pretty simple.

Handwriting is nothing but an output of the electrical impulses of the brain.

Since it is an output, one can gauge the person/individual from the handwriting.

Now, why stress on the signature?

In an ever increasing electronic world, you just don't write that often. you email, you text, you surf. all that leaves you using the standard fonts and hence everything seems similar.

however, you still sign documents, contracts, applications and more. That is where your personality, your personality traits can and are visible.

think about your childhood. your early childhood, in the early years of school. you were taught repeatedly how to write. your teachers, parents spent a considerable time trying to get you to write in that cursive handwriting that everyone desires. but here is the kicker. all of us landed up with our own style of handwriting, didn't we?

That's coz, we are individuals, with our own personality, our own desires, abilities and learning. Your handwriting is nothing but you expressed on paper.

Your signature, is a snapshot of that personality.

The Basics
I wrote about the some basic rules of handwriting analysis and how you could find out a little bit more about yourself.  The hub 'What does my handwriting say about me?' is at

Now back to your signature.

some of the same rules as handwriting apply here (please read here) to.

But some are only for signatures:

1.Size of the signature
2.Size of the first letter of the signature
3.Slant of the signature
4.The use of first name, last name or alphabets
5.Underlining the signature
6.Dotting the signature
7.Any backward loops in the signature

Size of the signature

The rule of thumb is this ' the bigger the signature, the more gregarious, outgoing the person is'

the smaller the signature, the person could be:

- a miser with money, emotions or self

- an introvert

- unassuming

Size of the first letter of the signature

The size of the first letter gives you an idea of what the person thinks or feels about themselves in relation to or in comparison to the rest of the world.

the difference in the highest point of the letter and the lowest point is the percieved difference they feel is between them and the common people.

this is sometimes also used to gauge ego.

some variations are used.

- if the letter is in capital, (S) the more pronounced self-eesteem

- is the letter is in lettercase (s) then the person is more grounded

Slant of the signature

an upward slant shows ambition and a forward thinking individual

an straight signature, someone who is balanced in approach to life and work

and downward slant, i.e. the signature starts on the line and moves below may show someone who is not confident of themselves or had self-esteem issues

The use of first name, last name or alphabets

most people use both, the first name & the last name (family name) in their signatures.

but here are some variations and what they mean:

 - only first name is used - the person believes in him/herself and does not take recourse to family.  is independent in thought and will most likely move out to work by him/herself.  very conscious of the money they make

- only last name used - the person is a family person. loves them, but may have issues surviving outside the protection offered.

- first name letters + last name full - balanced.

- last name signed before first name - puts family before self

underlining the signature

no underline - unassuming person. not too fussy and does not need to impress self-worth or accomplishments on anyone.

one line below the signature - likes people to know he/she exists.  is bound to talk about self but not too much or not in excess.  likes to ensure presence is felt.

two lines below the signature - loves to take credit. ensures people know the favors he/she has done for them.

the line cuts through the signature - tends to go back on his/her word and generally has a tendency to contradict him/herself

Dotting the signature
some people will dot the signature.

most will do so after scratching a line under the signature.

the line is to ensure that they underline their presence, but a dot is worse.

one dot - you should know who I am, and what I do and what I did, but here is another reminder

two dots - dont forget who did this.

Any backward loops in the signature

it could mean any of the following:

- someone who thinks a lot, about everything

- someone who will take everything upon themselves and be miserable till everyone around is happy

- someone who will take go about explanations in a round about way

- someone who may fib if he/she feel it is required.

What you can do!
handwriting analysis or signature analysis is not an exact science and really, you should develop your own little notations on the material mentioned.

I started many years back and over the years started creating a mental model.  How I use it is like this:

- the handwriting or signature will not be the only criteria to work with, for or hire someone.

- I will form a general opinion (like all us do, first impressions) and then take away or add to that mental picture.

But here is the fantastic part!

you can change yourself, your personality, a little at a time, slowly, but you can, but changing your signature.

leave your comments and I will tell you what you can do.

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