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Taveez ( "Her Kism Ki Bimariyo Ki Ilaj Ke Liye" ), Get Rid Off Any Diseases & Pains

(1). Cureness From Toothache:-

Keep the finger at the place of toothache read this Taweez for one time and blow it . After this, cook the Taveez in ‘AKHNI’ (Pulao)
or ‘KAWA’ (Tea) and make the person drink who is suffering from toothache. Inshallah, one will get release from pain.

(2). To get rid or Viral Fever:-

Simple/Ordinary fever or viral fever. So in order to get rid of such fevers on must do waxing of Taweez and put it in the neck of patient. Write the name of patient at the place which is empty in the Taveez. Inshallah, the patient will surely get relief from all type of fever.

(3). To get rid of Flue:-

The fever which comes on its own and relieves on its own is called as ‘FLUE’. In this case, one must do the warring of Taweez under green cloth and put into the rack of the patient suffering from fever and write the name of patient at the empty place in the Taveez. Tnshallah, fever will never even come back once gone.

(4). Fixing of pot belly:-

When problem is created in the pot belly i.e. it moves aside of the reat place, so in order to bring the belly (internally) in its own place one must tie this Taveez in pot belly of the patient. Inshallah, the internall pot belly will get into its real place.

(5). Curing from every illness:-

To get cured of each and every illness, this Taweez is very useful and plays a vital role. If any illness takes place you could place this Taveez in the neck of particular patient suffering from illness. Daily mix this Taweez into water and give for drinking to the patient for 7 days. Inshallah, the patient will come to his own health and the illness will be cured.

(6). To get cured from Diabetes:-

Diabetes is an incurable disease but Allah has given a great ……….. in his name and his ‘KALAAM’ this Taweez is made from all the 99 names of ALLAH. Patient should read this Taweez for 10 times at the time of ‘TAHJUT’ after this, dip the Taveez into water and after offering Namaz-e-Tajr, the patient must drink the same water in this way, continue this process for 40 days. Inshallah, by the mercy of ALLAH, diabetes will surely get cured.

(7). To get cured from Blood Pressure:-

To get into control the Blood Pressure, the patient should tie this Taveez on his/her left hand and read the Taweez daily 111times and after reading pray to ALLAH for getting cured of high or low blood pressure. Inshallah, the Blood Pressure will come into control at its normal pressure.
Note:- Do not consume salt.

(8). Map of Sur-e-Fatiha:-

Sur-e-Fatiha is said to be an essence of Quran-e-Majeed. Qur Prophet Hazrat Mohammed had given call in his sayings that Sur-E-Fatiha not only carries a lot of curing in itself but also a key to all work. That’s why, whatever your wish is and with whatever thought you keep this Taweez with you, inshallah, you will get success in the particular matter. If you keep this Taveez in any problematic situation along with you then, your problem will get rid off. If one keeps this Taweez to cure any disease then, any disease will be cured.

 If anybody needs Allah’s help & Mercy then susely by keeping this Taweez one will get Allah grace and blessings . It means that map of Sue-E-Fatiha is curable and useful for all types of problems and difficulties . In order to use this Taweez after offering Surrat of Namaz-e-fajr and before fariz of Namaz-e-fajr read the Taveez 41 times for 40 days each and also keep the Taweez along with you. Whatsoever may be the work (Good Work) will surely be completed, Inshallah.

(9). Collection of all maps Together :-

This map is the jewel of internal spirit. If one keeps this map along-with him then one will get properity in all of his work. One who will keep this Taveez with him, people will be independent and will succeed in every job and work. If anybody tries to get into his enemity then the person will fail from the one having this Taweez. If any requirement is made the the requirement will be fulfilled with the help of this Taweez . In this way, it becomes a jewel’ of internal spirit and plays and important role in fulfilling internal wishes which are good and justified.

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  1. salam hanfi bhai mary problem ya hy k mary zidngi main 2 oraty ay he mujhy ya sumjh nhe ay rhe k kas k sath shadi karo

  2. mujhe fungal infection hai 13 saal ho gye ilaaj krwa krwa k thak gyi hun hakeem docters koi duniya ka nuskha nahi chora pr araam nhi aaya meri shadi b hone wali hai susral walon ko is bimari ka koi ilm nhi hai plz koi taveez ya nakhsh clear kr k bta den jo asar bhi kre haar gyi hun main.Allah nigehban.

  3. Dear Hanfi Bhai,
    You are doing very well. You are presenting all material, is all Quran and thank you very much. Please tell me one thing that, is it necessary to take permission from you ? you know better than me. If yes then Please give permission to me for "Taweez of Naqsh Majmua Ism-e-Azam"

  4. @Afran Mirza

    No need for permission

  5. @Afran Mirza

    No need for permission

  6. Dear Hanfi Bhai.
    Salam Alakum.
    masla ya ha ka mari job office kay khrab halat ki waja sa khatray ma ha. or ma ani family kay saat dubai ma hoon... sab bachay parh rahay hain. ab pasaoon ki bhi tangi ha. koi asa wazifa batain kay job bhi theek raha or aamadni ma bhi izafa hoi... ma nay "Collection of all maps Together" ka taveez bana ka apnay pass rakh liya ha.. ya farmiya ga ka kia ya theek rahay ga ya koi or wazifa ap batain gay or is ki permission lana parah gi...


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