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Taweez ( "Bachche Ki Her Kism Ki Pareshani Door Karne Ke Liye" ), Get Rid Off Any Problems For The Children

(1). Curity for the women not having child (Barren Women):-

The women should take the Taweez on Thursday and read for 7 days, 11times . On the 7th day Mix the Taveez in milk and drink. Do the same procedure on next Thursday and continue till next Thursday and continue till 11 Thursdays are completed. Inshallah the women will get rid of this problem and she will be pregnant.

(2). A Women Wishing to be Pregnant:-

Sometimes it so happens that both husband and wife are healthy but instead of this the women is not pregnant so it is the wish of Allah. For this they should pray to Allah. The women wishing to be pregnant should read the Taweez for 41 days after Namaz-e-fajr for 11 times. On the 41st day go near the place of running water and keep the Taveez in her own hair along-with her clothes pour water herself and then change the clothes and after bathing flow the Taweez in the water. If at one time you don’t succeed try again next time. If not second time, then third time. Inshallah with the grace of God she will succeed and be Pregnant.

(3). A Women wishing for Baby Boy:-

A women who only produces girl and not boy in such situation a women before she gets her period should drink the Taweez mix in water everyday for 7 days. After she gets her periods the same Taveez should be read for 11 times and have sex with her husband. Inshallah she will have baby boy. If at one time she doesn’t get pregnant Try this for next month. Inshallah Allah will have mercy on you.

(4). Eassiness at the time of labour pain child to be born easily:-

At the time of labour pain, the lady who is pregnant should lie one Taveez on the right hand side and one Taweez should be mixed in water and dink by her. Inshallah the child will be born easily. After the child is born open the Taweez tied on th right hand side and keep in any Kuran Majeed.

(5). Stopping the crying of child:-

Some children cry a lot due to which the parents face great trouble so in such situation the parents should mix the Taveez in the neck of the child. Inshallah the child will stop crying and be happy.

(6). Curily From dryness of the child:-

The child suffering from this diseases can be cured by tying the Taweez in his or her neck. And one more Taveez should be read for 7 days by the mother and person who is the care-taker and blow on the child. On the 7th day mix the Taweez in water and sprinkle on the child Inshallah the child will be cured.

(7). Curity From Black Magic & Disease:-

Children comes into contact with most of the magics and diseases that’s why, in order to keep them under safety put this Taveez in the neck of children. Inhallah, the child will be safe from all kinds of disease and magical powers.

(8). To Get Cured From Bad Eye Contact :-

When one comes into contact with bad eyes then many problems are created and the one feels that his/her child, house, shop and thing had come into bad eye contact then, one would bring in use of this Taweez . If the child’s matter then you would place the Taveez in the child’s neck or any thing’s matter then stir Taweez in water and sprinkle water on the particular thing. Inshallah, thing, house, shop and child will surely get rid of bad eye contact.

(9). Cureness From ‘Athra’:-

Athra is a disease in which when the pregnant lady delivers the baby, the baby born dies on the spot or the women delivers the dead baby In this case, the pregnant women suffers from great pain. To get relief from this disease, the women should read this Taweez 21 times for 7 days after Namaz-e-fajr After 7 days, She should mix the Taveez in water and drink same. Continue the process for 7 weeks. Inshallah, women will be cured from the disease called ‘ATHRA’.

(10). Curity From Headache:-

if one is suffering from headache or any other pain in the body then, to get rid of it one must take a cloth and put Taweez into it and tie it to the head . Inshallah, as soon as the Taveez is tied one will get relieved from headache.

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