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Read Lips: What Your Lip Print Says About You

Much like having your palm read, analyzing the print your lips make when you kiss a blank surface — or your man's cheek — may say something about who you really are. We talked to Jilly Eddy, leading expert in lip print interpretation, and founder of, about what our pouts might reveal about our personalities.

How To Read
Before giving her analysis, Eddy told us about the process of reading the prints. "Looking at a person's physical mouth doesn’t mean that is how their lips will print," says Eddy. "A person with a very full looking mouth can make thin lip prints, and a thin-lipped person can make very full lip prints, etc." In fact, these prints can even vary day by day. "Each lip print, like a chapter of a book, tells a person's story," she says.

Oval Or Round Shape
And now, here are the individual lip-print-traits, starting with this common shape. Eddy says: "When the outside perimeter shape of a person’s lip print is round or oval, it reveals that the person likes things to go smoothly. They do not like conflict. They do not like to argue. They like everybody to be happy."

Diamond Shape
Eddy says: "Like a diamond, these people sparkle and shine! Diamonds are a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend, and so are people with these lips. They are very successful, competent and accomplished. Whether at home or work, they take great pride in doing what ever they do well. They are wonderful mentors, actively helping others to be successful. They give generously to the community."

Thin Upper Lip
Eddy says: "A thin upper lip says the person can be picky-picky. They are detail oriented and well-organized. They are good at figuring out new, better more efficient ways of doing things. They like to think outside the box."

Thin Lower Lip
Eddy says: "A thin lower lip indicates the person can be very analytical and good with numbers and statistics, or things that have to be exacting."

Full Upper Lip
Eddy says: "The full upper says the person is a wonderful listener and people like to cry on their shoulder and tell them their problems. They are good at helping others solve their problems."

Full Lower Lip
Eddy says: "A full lower says that children and pets adore them. On another note, it says that the person could be a writer, speaker or entertainer of some kind."

Dark Saturation
Eddy says: "This is a cheerleader, a 'rah, rah' person! Their lip prints reflect that they have lots and lots of energy and others are aware of it. Once they decide what they want to do there should be no reason why they can't succeed. They have excellent leadership qualities and are good at getting others to buy into their ideas. They usually own their own business, or at least have others working for them."

Light Saturation
Eddy says: "I call these 'Ghost Lips.' People with this light coloring are extremely tired. They need a prescription for a relaxing, rejuvenating, quiet, totally restful spa holiday! Their lip prints are saying they need some time to themselves where they don’t have to be concerned with anyone else’s wants, needs or desires."

Try It!
Want to see how your lips compare? "There is no right or wrong way to make lip prints," Eddy says. "You do have to put on lipstick (so your prints can be seen) and then 'kiss' or press your lips to paper. Plain, white cardstock works best, but in a pinch anything will do. A napkin, coaster, white copy paper, etc."

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