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Tawiz ( "Her Kism Ki Mannat Muraad (Manokamna Puri Hone Ke Kiye" ) For The Fulfillment Of Vows, Any Good Desires & Wishes

(1). Principles of Wish:-

Whatever the wish would be, but it should be from the bottom of your heart, true and mostly under the justice of Islam i.e. Islam should accept your wish. So, in order to achieve your wish keep this Taveez along with you for seven (7) weeks and read it daily 7 times till 7 weeks. Inshallah, your wish will come true to your best.

(2). To Complete Every Requirement:-

This Taweez is useful for every requirement. Keep this Taveez along with you for 41 days and read it daily 7 times. Last day go to the side of running water and facing towards KIBLA (KABA SHARIF) sail this Taweez i.e. put the Taveez into the water. Inshallah, your requirement will be completed.

(3). Solutions of Problems & Difficulties:-

Problems & Difficulties always lies with all persons and in every person’s life; but with the help and MERCY of our great ALLAH one could get rid of these problems and difficulties. Therefore, Keep this Taveez along with you in any problem or difficulty and read this Taweez alongwith you in any problem or difficulty and read this Taweez daily 11 times.

Inshallah, soon you/one will get rid or any of the problems and difficulties.

(4). Completion of Work in 7 days:-

Some works carries much importance in a person’s life and are very useful to a particular person. So, work should be completed anyhow in 7 days then he/she should daily pick one Taweez from this book and before Namaz-e-Jajee go to the Masjid and read it for 41 times. After keep the Taveez any QURAN MAJEED. Continue this process for 7 days. Inshallah, work will surly be completed in 7 days.

(5). Solution of the Toughest Work:-

Such work which founds to be very difficult and some purpose which finds as being impossible then, in this case keep this Taveez for 120 days in your pocket and daily read it for 11 times. Inshallah, you will defiantly get the solution of any of the toughest or impossible work in your view but not in ALLAH’s.

(6). Key to all purpose:-

This Taveez is a key to solve all the difficulties and bring bark at in all your solutions. Keep this Taweez always along with you and you will get out of all your problems and difficulties. For safety and bark at stick this Taveez on a card-board and keep in your house or shop. Inshallah you will succeed in all your purpose and there will be increase in your wealth. A person who will always keep this Taweez along with him will succeed in all his work and read everyday for 11 times. All will give respect to this person.

(7). Keep the Big Boss Happy:-

If any person comes through a Boss who is very strict in his job and does not respect, trouble without any reason so in such a situation keep the Taveez along with you. Inshallah your Boss will always favor you and be happy with you.

(8). Solution for Problems in work:-

Sometimes a great problem is created during work time even the colleagues working with you trouble a lot, or anyone files a case against you or set an enquiry, or after retirement you don’t get pension at proper time so in such a situation keep this Taveez along with you for 4 months. Inshallah all your problems will be solved.

(9). Transfer according to your wish:-

A person willing to get transfer according to his own wish, take one Taweez from the book and out of urban area go to the farm side, and carry water according to the need in a clean utensils. First read Taveez for 21 times and mix in the water and which direction you want transfer face that side and sprinkly water on the farm. After this process, pray and come back. Do the same process after 7 days, till seven weeks. Inshallah you will get transfer of your own choice within this time period.

(10). Stoppage in Transfer:-

To stop or halt the Transfer pick on Taveez from the book and read for 7 days, 21 times. And on the 7th Daygo in Kabrastan and put the Taweez in any one Continue this procedure for 3 weeks Inshallah your Transfer will be stopped.

(11). Tokeep up the Permanent Job & Service:-

If any person is unjustified removed from his job or his service or job comes to an end due to any reason so, in this case he should remove one Taveez from the book on Thursday morning before Namaz-e-Tajr and should read that Taveez-e-Tajr for 41 times. After 7 days – Make roll of Taveez into wheat flour and threw it into any running water or any field or garden. In this way continue the process for 7 Thursdays. Inshallah, you will be back to your job and your service will be in your hands once again.

(12). To get success in Exams:-

To get success in examination or in any of the debate, interview etc. this Taveez plays an important and vital role. On the day of exam, wake up in the morning and pray your Namaz-e-Tajr and after praying Namaz, read sur-e-tatiha for 11times and read 4 of the “QUL’S” each one time and 1 time “AITAL QURSI” and after this read for 21 times _ “Nasrum-Minallahe-Wa-Tatehun-Kareeb”, then going to ‘Sijda’ do pray to Allah. After this whatever you had read and prayed blow the air from your mouth on the Taveez and carry it to the place (Venue) of examination along with you.

Inshallah, success will do kiss your feet. If exams are for many days then, continue the above process for each day till the last date of examination & keep Taweez along.

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  1. ap k taweez clear nahi hain...parhay nahi ja rahay...can u plz help me out..

  2. you've given these taweezaat here and mention to read them daily. But how does one read a taweez? The given taweezats are in circile with sections, so how and from where do we begin reading these taweez?

  3. salam . mera naam aman he.mra rishta nida se hoa jo love tha.25august2013 ko hamri larai hogai r aj 4 months hogaye ek dosre se baat ni hoi.kahan hum 4 min ni reskte the ek dosre k bina,plz kch help kren k me apni nida ko wapis paaalo.nida ki waalda ka naam sameena he r mri waalda ka naam munawar sultana. mri age 26 r nida ki 22ya23 he.kch asa kren k nida k ghr waale bhi maanjayen q k mene pata krwaya he k hamare bich me nida ke khandaan walo ne bandish krai he.plzzzzz help me ALLAH K HOKOOM SE .MRI D.O.B 24/10/1987 r nida ka aj brthday he 17/01/1990

    hi im aman. im from pakistan.actuaaly my matter is that i engeged with nida.we had been in love together for 2 past years. but suddenly on 25 of august 2013 we fought together and i made a complain with her father thatafter, engagement was finished. and now she is angry that why i made complain with her father. her mother actually casts the magic spells so. basically her mother n her aunty dont wanna her to keep the relation with me and talk and meet as well......... nida`s mother name is sameena.... my mother name is munawar age 26 n nida age 23 r24. my d.o.b 24/10/1987 n her 17/01/1990.
    my fav.color is green n her fav. color may be red,black r orange.... she llives in pakistan. plz i wanna get married with her ...... presently im in dubai and seeking job.....plz advice me how can i get her back in my life/ till then im eagerly waiting for your response

  4. Mr. Aman,
    don't mind but agar aap biwi ko baaap na banate tu aaj ye din na dekna padta... awrat ko otna hi haq do jitna k Islam ne bataya ho os se bad'kar dena ya sar pe chadane ka anjaaam aisa hi hoga mere bhai.. so i request to all new generation husbands to feel little shame and start behaving like man not like ..........!!!

  5. Salam,hi my name is Rea main pakistan say hoon .meri problem yeh hay kay main achi job karna chati hoon bohot aplication dali mager koi jawab nahe bohot perashan hon .please muj badkismat ki madad karay. Thanks.
    Note:jo taweez apnay kamyabi or job kay liay deyay hain bohot mushkil say parhay jatay hain kunkay bohot dhundlay hain.please clear lekh kar post karein or ye bhee bata dein kay zafran or arq gulab say likhna hay ya serf pen say.please help.

  6. Assalamualaikum, I am from Bangladesh. I am writing here to inform and seeking your advice to that I like a lady, she is my colleague and really want to get her close love to me. I am waiting and waiting but she is not love me. So please advice or show the way to get her quick.. I will really happy to get your advice. Waiting for you.

  7. Salam
    I m suffering for job , 10 months before I lost my job .my marriage also not going on . From my childhood I saw my parents are not happy , always problm at our home . My brothers are unemployed and aged not getting married . Sometimes my mother told us someone make black Magic with us . And we r also suffering money problm .
    Please provide any solution , which tabiz is good for me and my family .

  8. Assalamu valaikum
    Meri ladki klye rishtey nai aarahe hai plz help karein ladki k umar 26 hogayi hai mai bohath pareshan ho Ladki ka naam Rabia hai mera syeda naseem plz help me with any wazifa ya taweez

  9. Meri ladki klye Maine apko msg kia tha plz help me out wid any wazifa I'm worried abt her as she's nt getting any proposals

    1. Naseem baji apko koi solution mila .btaeaga .

  10. Salam

    Agar kisi se pyaar Ho aur uski shadi Ho Gaye hai tu talaq ke liye wazifa ya taweeze hai?

  11. Sww. Please ,how can I read the taweez. The method of reading it. Thank you. JZK

  12. muze bhi tawiz chahiye plz call me on this no.8828255896;


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