Friday, March 11, 2016


If you are running a shop ans the  sale was very high but now it is going down, or you have just stated a new shop and facing problems that customer are not buying your goods although you have good products, 
write this taweez and paste in your shop, in shaa Allah sale will increase .

How to write a Taweez:


Ager aap ki dukan achi chal rahi thi aur ab achanak gahak ana kam hogaye aur amdan kam hoti ja rahi hai, ya aap ney new dukan kholi hai aur gahak aa nahi rahey halankey aap k pass saman bhi acha hai, lakin sale nahi ho rahi hai tu is taweez ko likh ker dukan men lagain, 
In shaa Allah sale zada hojaye gi.

taweez keysey banana hai

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