Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get Rid of Evil in the House


Each society over each time period has stories of the spirits that wander the earth. This steady in human progress rules out uncertainty on the vicinity of spirits of the dead returning to the human plane as an ethereal presence. As indicated by every one of the stories, fables, and witness confirmations, the world is loaded with spirits. Their technique for associating with the human world varies from soul to soul and additionally their goals however. Some are malevolent. Some are generous. Some are impassive. Notwithstanding, the indication of a soul who wishes to do damage to the living or is deliberately being a try to living people happens every once in a while. Best case scenario it can prompt ludicrous trepidation and inconvenience and at any rate irritation to the people the soul frequents. Here is a rundown on the most proficient method to dispose of any troublesome spirits that you wish would allow you to sit unbothered.
After every salat recite last 3 surah of Quran, surah ikhlas surah falaq surah naas 3 times and blow on you and close your eyes and blow a circle around your house. Do this 7 days.


Her masharey men badrohon k barey men kuch na kuch milta hai, aur jeysey jeysey logon ney apni kahaniyan dosrey logon ko batain tu ye baat sabit hoti jarahi hai k dunya men badrohon ka wajood hai, jo insanon k liye takleef ka bais bhi ban sakti hian, jinnat aur badrohon sey hifazat k liye her namaz k baad quran ki last 3 surah surah ikhlas surah falaq surah naas 3 bar phr ker apney per dam karen aur phir ankhen band ker k porey gher ka hisar kertey hoye dam karen, 7 din ye amal karen .

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  1. Asalam o alaikum Sir agar Ghar Mai taveez huy hon ksi par to iss amal k karnay se un taveezon k asraat khtam ho jayen gy kya????? Please btaen

  2. Salaam Bhai Hanfi. Mujhe es amal k karnay ki ijazat dijiye. Shukriya


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