Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Allah hu Samad Wazifa to Find out Hidden Treasure


If someone wants to find out the hidden treasure, should recite Allah hus Samad 6666 times daily after Isha salat before sleeping, for 6 days, in shaa Allah in the dream some one will tell the address of the hidden treasure, 
should sleep in Wadu, on a neat and clean bed, by the way of Sunnah.


Ager koi ghaib sey khazaney ka pata malon kerna chahye tu 6 din 6666 bar Allah hus Samad parhen isha k namaz k baad soney sey pehley,  in shaa Allah khowab men koi buzrug aaker pata bata den gey, 
Soney sey pehley wazu ker k soyen, pak saf bister per soyen, aur sunnat tariqey sey soyen.
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  1. Thank you Brothers to this wazifa...
    i pray for you..


  2. Kya ye 6666 wla wazifa PRA h kya result mila h Bhai Abdul jabar
    Btain pz

  3. Ye wazifa 6 din me total 6666 baar par na hai ya ek din me 6666 baar 6 din tak total parna hai

  4. For any Question, problem, or permission please write must email. bhaihanfi@gmail.com

  5. assalamu alaykum brother Arsh E Barein can i ask u a question...

    I did it 3x it means 3weeks in month of ramadhan i did it 2x but i ihave'nt I never saw in my dream ... but no, I did .. what do I do to see the the burried treasure in my dreams??

    please help me I have what I do .. I pray for you and all Ummat .. please reply me brother tnk u..

    Assalamu alaykom

  6. Walikum Assalam ...
    Abdul jabbar Bhai..

    Koi be Question, problem, or permission ky lye email. Krain Bhai Hanfi ko unki email pr Jo uno ny btaie h..


    Thank you

  7. assalamu aliakum brother i am a treasure hunter .. can u give me what wazifa can i use to get the exact adress of hidden buried treasure ... and remove the jinn there in treasure ... i have many sites have a buried tresure but thre have a jinn live there ... pls response me what can i use wazifa for treasure HUNTING .

    i want to get the buried treasure in my sites .. coz i want to build a many masjid specially in my place... and give sadka and zakat to all poor muslims.
    and i want go to hajj with my family and relative ... pls help me brother ..

    i want to use the treasure for the DEEN OF ALLAH ....

    I PRAY for YOU and ur FAMILY



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