Friday, March 18, 2016

Spiritual Bath for All Kind of Sickness


Some times we try our level best and go to so many Doctors but did get cure, in such situation no need to worry, here is the remedy or Holly Quran, 

Surah Mohammad could be written with any type of harmless ink on a paper or plate. This should then be washed with Zam Zam and the patient made to take bath with such water. It is very effective for all kind of sickness.
In Shaa Allah you will be cure
Note: The water must not be drained in the normal drain pipe.


Ager aap bimar hain aur bohet sey Doctors sey ilaj kerwa ker thak chukey hian lakin bimari dor nahi ho rahi tu pareyshan na ho ye waziafa karen, 

Surah Mohammad ko sada ink sey kisi paper per likhen aur isey Zam Zam k pani men mix kerden, aur phir is pani ko ek baldi pani men mix kerden aur is sey ghusal karen, in shaa Allah shafa miley gi, 

Lhiyal rahey pani nali men na jaye.
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