Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Protect Children from Jinns and Demons

1. Ensure the home first read the entire of surah Baqarah once like 7 days. In the event that you can not do this then read ayat al kursi each morning and night. Make azan in the house for each petition to God. The house is the stronghold of the crew. 

2. Perusing azkhaar over them each morning (before sending them to class) and bet at night. 

"A'uzubi kalimathith thamma min kulli shaytanin wa hamma wa min killi alynil lamma." 

[I look for shelter in the Perfect Word of Allah from each fiend and noxious animal and each fiendishness eye] 

Sheik Waleed specified that the prophet (pbuh) used to look for shelter for Hasaan and Hussain with this dua when they were youngsters. When he (pbuh) was in Media or voyaging so whether they were in his vicinity or not. 

Ibrahim (as) would likewise read this dua to secure his youngsters Ismail (as) and Ishaaq (as) 

3. IMPORTANT: Read the 2 quls x3 and afterward blow staring you in the face and wipe over them before resting. (Front of their bodies (not the back), from head to toe. Yet, don't return up i.e. from feet to head. 

4. You read ayat al kursi resoundingly with eman and tawwakul (that Allah (swt) sends down a blessed messenger to ensure all of you night-instruct this to the kids) 

5. Saying bismilliah before giving them a chance to out of the house either for play in the patio nursery or to go school. 

6. Showing them about the sunnah i.e. never urinate under trees, or a gap, or give in or hard shoulder of motorway with the exception of in urgent circumstance and, after its all said and done read the dua for entering can in light of the fact that its a dua to look for asylum from the jinns 

7. Bring them inside the house 25-30 minutes before maghrib. 

8. Close the entryways and windows saying bismilah. Spread utensils. 

9. Educate the kids not to get irate and on the off chance that they do to say a'uzubillahi min fiery debris shaytanir rajeem 

10. Be watchful abroad-young ladies have had in light of the fact that their guardians dressed them in pleasant garments (bight red) and hair done up pleasantly and took them to a town known not jinns with no defensive dua over them so jinns like these kids and have them. 

11. Make ruqya olive oil (the same way you would make ruqya water) and rub it on the kids' body, particularly after showers and before they go to bed. Rub the oil everywhere on their bodies, jinn regularly have youngsters through their feet and tummy (stomach) however they can have through any part of the body.
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