Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Your Shoes Say About You

What shoes do you wear and what do they say about you? Here's our guide

White trainers: Made for athletes and that's where they should now stay. "That Nike look is so passé. You're living in a time gone by," says Lisa Joseph

Street shoes: Vans, Nike, New Balance, Converse: Hip for students and early-twenties with so many colours but beyond that you're just immature. Dress up and dress down but there's limits. "With a suit, just so ridiculous," she says.

Brogues: Visually reek of being dependable, not extrovert. "Hugely fashionable, casual and smart. The brown tan brogues are really wonderful. Makes you look appealing."

Loafers: Yes, you do take care of yourself, but what about me? "The penny loafer revival is a great look with a sports jacket,"says Joseph. Loafers have been around for 60 years.

Knee-high boots: You're open to conversation but don't be a prat and you need long legs. "High boots are sexy, they show you are confident. Equally the ankle boots look great and show you are fun."

Short ankle-length boots: A sense of fun, but ambitious and determined. "My Koalabi boots are sheepskin-lined and so comfortable. I love them because they are comfortable and trendy. As the owner of a fashion agency, I cannot be seen wearing something without street cred," says Faith Agupu

Wedges: Show confidence, suggests being extrovert. "If you can carry them in style, then it's a great look." - Joseph

Thongs: Only at home, on the beach and in Australia. "Why do men wear their thongs in cities, it is just wrong. What does it show - you're too poor for casual shoes?" - Joseph

Stilettos: Uber-feminine, outgoing personality, enjoys new experiences.

Chunky platform boots: Confidence/insecurity issue, needs to feel butt-kickingly powerful.

Two-and-a-half inch heels: A woman who knows herself very well, comfortable in her own skin and knows what she likes when she sees it. Sexy, self-assured.

Sandals: Confident about herself, probably working in a professional field, not that easy to get along with.

Ankle-strap flats: Only for those with long, slim legs. Confident, a good earner, ambitious.

Flats: Look for the chunky ankle. Seen as a conformist, traditional, perhaps a little timid. Print flats, though, tell another story.
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