Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do Wazaif Have Side Effects ?

Wazifa's like Qasida Gosia, Ayte Karima or Hizbul Bahr may have some side effects if one doesn't follow the conditions like without wudhu' wrong pernounciation or ill intentions. Side effects usually hit the reciter directly but can also effect his/her family members. The magical Wazifa's or Wazifa's to control Jins, always have severe side effects.
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  1. As salam Saheb One moulana of local mosque has said the same as answer for which i asked regarding Reciting Bismilla hir rahmaanir raheem 1000x(king of all wazifas)

    Im in fear of side effects is it true if so then how to avoid it

  2. What is the side effect of salat ul taskheer or namaz e mohabat plz reply


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