Friday, October 18, 2013

The Exercise of Bara Thasbih or PAAS ANFAA

Actually bara tashbih is just the beginning…pas anfas is very powerful especially for those that work in offices etc…when typing on the computer etc this zikr can be done…pas anfas is a very good zikr to create awareness of ALLAH…amongst some disciples of hadhrat madni this zikr was prescribed for 4 hours per day as mentioned by maulana hashim saheb in one of his books…there are about 6 or 7 ways of doing pas anfas as mentioned in a book by sufi iqbal (the book that mentions the azkaar of deobandi buzrugs)…bara tasbih is the bread and butter of the chisti silsila….what is sad in my humble opinion is that its become the end rather than the beginning…

For presence of mind, increase in eagerness and improvement of memory the exercise known as Paas Anfaas is most efficacious while it is the simplest of exercises (ashghaal). This exercise is a breathing exercise and its method is as follows:
Take a deep breadth. While inhaling concentrate on the word اَلله. Exhale vigorously. While exhaling concentrate on هُوْ. Do this repeatedly.
In the beginning practise this exercise in solitude and do it until one feels a warm sensation. Thereafter, this exercise should be carried out at all times while walking, sitting, etc. In all states endeavour to establish this concentration. In the beginning some effort is required. However, after a short while one’s breathing will be so conditioned that it (the breathing) will be along this pattern without one consciously resorting to it.
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