Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Destroy Taweez ? How to Dispose of Taweeze ?

1. Only attempt to dismantle a taweez if you have prayer fajr and made adhkaar after (specifically 4th kalima x100 La ilha illallahu wah da hu la sharika la lahul mulku walahul hamdu wa huwa ala kulli shayin Qadeer)

2. Make wudu, read ayat al kursi.

3. Make ruqya water*

4. Pour the water into an ice cream tub or container.

5. Now you can begin to remove the item from its locket, leather case etc.

6. Make sure you collect everything- including the case, sting, wax and keep it all to soak together in ruqya water.

7. As your opening the taweez read last two quls and blow on it. Most taweez will be covered in a plastic wrapper, or sellotape. Take it out carefully. Untie the knots in the string or cut them.

8. Dont waste time trying to read it and understanding it, just soak it, making sure its completely submerged.

9. Close the lid saying bismillah

10. Place the container away from the house for a day or two. Then open the lid, throw away the content of it and the opened container into a flowing river, stream, canal etc.

If Allah Wills this will invalidate the taweez.

I heard from other brothers that in case of no ruqya water available its ok to use normal vinegar.
Allah Knows Best"
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