Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1. Salaatul Haajat (1)

On Friday after Salatul Jummah read 6 rakaats of Nafil with niyyat Salaatul Haajat. Read 2 rakaats by 2 rakaats. In very rakaat after Alahmd read 3 times Surah Ikhlaas.
After Salaam of first 2 rakaats read 100 times Wa'ufawwido amri illallahi innallaha basirum bil ibaad
After Salaam of the second 2 rakaats read 100 times Ne'mal Maula wa ne'man naseer
After Salaam of third 2 rakaats read Allahumma Rabbi Anni maghlubun fantasir

2.For fulfillment of any need

Recite Aayatul-Kursi 70 times after Asr Salaah on Friday. Sit in seclusion(alone) while doing this. A special and marvelous feeling will be experienced in the heart. Any Du’a made after this, will be assuredly accepted by Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'ala — Insha-Allah Azwajal.

3. On every friday after namaz e zuhhar one should recite this beautiful dua

313 times , recite 11 times Darood paak before and after of this wird
after that one should have to pray for any hajaah ,inshALLAH every Dua will be accepted.
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