Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wazifa to Recover Lost or Stolen Goods

Lasbehtu fi amanil lahey wa amsistu fi jawaril lahey
wa amsistu fi amanil lahey wa asbehtu fi jawaril lahey.

If you lost your important documents, or jewelry, or passport or money or naything, now you can find it with the heslp of the following dua.
Do fresh wadu (Ablution), then recite darood ibrahimi 7 times, then recite Surah al zoha 7 times, make a circle around your head 7 times with your forefinger (finger of shahadh) while reciting the above mentioned dua 7 times. then 7 times darood ibrahimi.
Now start searching your lost goods, in shaa Allah you will get it 

Ager k aham kaghzat, passport, zewrat, ya peysey gum hogaye hain tu aap ye amal karen inn shaa Allah gum hoi cheez jald hi mil jaye gi.
Taza wazu ker k , 7 bar Darood Ibrahimi Parhen phir Surah al zoha 7 bar parhen phir shahadat ki ungli sey apney sir k ird gird 7 daiyrey banain aur sath hi sath 7 bar oper di gai dua ko parhen, phir 7 bar darood ibrahimi parhen.
In shaa Allah jald hi cheez mil jaye gi.

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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