Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wazifa for Husband Unlimited Love

Wazifa for Husband Love English:

If your husband does not love, does not care you, give no money, go to other women, this is not good for relation of both of you, because husband love to his wife makes a strong family and it also impacts on children and children will become more loving and caring. The children who belongs to a family where husband and wife fights a lot become aggressive and lazy and criminal minded, so for the sake of children it is very important that there is love between husband and wife, so if you are facing the same problem and not finding any solution then better to thi  Wazifa for Husband Unlimited Love,  and make the relationship stronger and pleasurable between both of you, This wazifa is very much result oriented and fast working,


Take some hair of husband and yours, and mix them and make a thread,  then do wadu (ablution) and recite Surah Zilzal and take your name and husband name, then make a knot with both hairs, then again recite this surah and make an other knot, like this make 7 knots, and then throw it in river, 


Ager aap ka shohar aap sey pityar nahi kerta, aap ka khiyal nahi rakhta, khercha nahi deyta, dosri aurton k pas jata hai, aur aap k paas aur koi rasta nahi, tu aap ye shoher ki beyinteha mohabbat ka wazifa karen, aur apney rishety ko mazboot and pursakoon banain, amal mujarib hai.


Apney aur shohar k kuch baal leyker unhey bal dey ker ek dhaga sa bana len, phir bazu ker k Surah Zilzal parhen saath apna aur husband ka name ley ker aur is balon k dhagey men ek girah laga den, phir dobara Surah parhen aur naame ley ker girah laga den, asey 7 girah lagain, phir isey zariya men phnk den, 

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link 

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  1. @Bano
    Meyri site sey koi bhi wazifa kia jasakta hai ijazat ki zarorat nahi. kaam na ho tu batain.


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