Monday, December 19, 2016

Very Easy Wazifa to Cure Piles Bawaseer


Piles are hemorrhoids that become inflamed. Hemorrhoids are masses, clumps, cushions of tissue in the anal canal - they are full of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibers.

Although hemorrhoids are thought of as unpleasant inflammations, we all have them. It is when the hemorrhoidal cushions become too big (inflamed) that problems occur - when this happens they are called piles or pathological hemorrhoids.

To cure piles, After passing stool while washing with the water with the middle finger gently rub the area and recite 7 times "Maane-Un-Kameera" in a low voice like you are whispering, 

Keep doing this wazifa until you fully cure.


Piles bwaseer maqaid men moojod tissues hotey han jin men khon bhara hota hai aur ye bol o baraz k time khol ker asani paida kertey han, lakin baaz oqat ye phol jatey han aur in men dard honey lagta hai ya baas oqat khon bhi behney lagta hai, aur insan sakhat takeelf mehsos kerta hai, na sahi sey beyth sakta hai na chal phir sakta hai, 

Bawaseer k liye, jab aap bol o baraz sey farigh hojain aur pani sey dhoney lagin tu apney haath ki beech wali ungli sey halkey halkey usey maslen aur sath hi sath bohet halki awaz men 7 bar "Maane-Un-Kameera" parhen, bilkul sargoshi k andaz men, ye amal rozana karen jab tak aap theek na hojain,    

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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