Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to Remove Bandish from a Person


Bandish is a process which normally done by bad people to stop all progress of life of a person, the effected person become a loser in every field, unable to get good job, unable to do marriage, unable to earn money, business loss, ets. If you have these signs it means that someone has put a curse on you to make you ruin. do this amal to remove it.
Put some leafs of Jujube tree in a tub full of warm water, and stir leaves in water with the stick of same tree, and keep reciting Surah Falaq and Surah Naas, 70 times and then blow on the water, now take a bath with this water, do this 11 days and in shaa Allah you will be cured.


Bandish ek asa amal hai jis k zariye koi insan kisi dosrey insan k her kaam men rukawat paida kerta hai, phir na rizq men barqat rehti hai ya rozgar milta hai, na shadi hoti hai, na kahen sey peysa ata hai aur insan pareyshaniyon men ghirta hi chala jata hai, ager aap k sath bhi asa hi mamla hai k her koshish kerney k bawajood aap ko kamyabi nahi mil rahi tu is ka matlab hai k aap bhi bandish ka shikar hain, bandish ko khatamj kerney k liye ye amal karen, 

Bair k kuch patey ley ker ek tub jis men neem garam pani ho us men daal den phir usi bair k darakht ki tehni sey usey mix kertey jain aur sath hi Surah Falaq aur Surah Naas 70 bar parhen, aur phir pani per dam ker den, ab is pani sey ghusal ker len, 11 din ye amal karen in shaa Allah bandish khatam hojaye gi.

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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  1. Sww. Please, what is the name of this tree (Jujube) in English. If possible Nigeria name. Thank you. JZK


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