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Wazifa for Hepatitis, Hepatitis Ka Rohani Ilaj

(A)My grandfather has an amal for the treatment of Hepatitis,i have got the permission from the grand father for the amal.The amal is as follows:This amal is done with the green branches of Fig(Injeer(urdu) Teen(Arabic).First collect 3 or 4 branches of Fig.The patient should be sitted before you if he can sit.Start reading Surah Inshirah when surah completes then blow it on the patient and put one Fig's branch on his head and asked him (Should i cut your Hepatitis)the patient should answer (Yes) when patient replies then remove it from his head but it should be at a distance from his head and cut a piece of the branch with a knife.Surah Inshirah should be read 7 times in this way and the above method should be repeated 7 times such that when Surah Inshirah completed 2nd time then place Fig's branch on the patient' s shoulder ,3rd time on his Chest, 4th time on his arm,5th time on his Thigh,6th time on his leg,7th time on his foot.This amal should be done only on Friday and repeat it on the next friday. I have personally seen many patients who came to my grandfather got Shifa with this amal by the grace of Allah Subhanahu Taala. I am sharing this amal for seeking the Pleasure of Allah Subhanahu Taala.I allow all members of the forum on the behalf of my grandfather to do this amal.
My grandfather used to do it with 2 branches,each branch into 3 or 4 peices.Patients with jaundice,Hepatitis A,B and even C used to come to my grandfather...Shifa is from Allah subhanahu Taala................

(1).The aamil should be a person who prays 5 times.
(2).The aamil is strictly prohibited to get any money from the patient,except if the patient offer him some hadya upon his own will and pleasure.He shouldnt demand any money. JAZAKUMMULLAH

(B) An other wazaif for hepatitis is :
The last ayat from surah ar -rachman !!!
: Tabara kasmu rabbika saljalali wal ikram !!!
Speak it 33 times ower water , and blow onto it !!!
Does it for 41 days , and Inshah Allah your hepatitis willbe cure !!!


Medically ,you should try to eat as much as possible vitamin C !!!
You shold take the fruits of the holy thistle; laydie´s thistle ;milk thistle !!! !!! !!!
If you´ll take it in a high concentration, !!! !!!you can get cure from hepatitis !!! ; Medically it is allso awable by the doctor : It is called sillymarin !!!
Take it with much ,much vitamin b !!! As the savety of the liver ist
most high by this !!!
You should take it in form of capsul -as it is the much high concentration !!!
If you are living in a country, where medicine is not awable, you should take this fruits and make tee from it and drink it much !!!
In punjabi it´s called "Kandern" -- As it is spicked with them very much !!!
You can easily find it in the field !!!
Make a " KOWER" and drink much from it !!!
Coffee and green tea is allso recommend ,to safe your liver from desease !!!
Take allso "Propolis"; it is avable in all medical stores and health food stores !!!
It is the Best ,which is made from the bees !!!
As the quran karim says : Honay is shifah for the mankind !!!
BE healthy !!!

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  1. send me address me ne ana h illaj k lie

  2. I'm suffering with hepatitis B from 6 years so suggest for proper treatment to cure from hepatitis B and send me the address of your.

  3. Assalam alaikum
    Mera HbsAg positive hai kafi time se ,main surh e rehman wala amal karna chaah rahi hn,kindly ye btaden surh e rehman kis time parhni hai pani pr?? Aur aik bar din main parhkey rakhden phr sara din yahi pani peyen??aur ise negative hojega HbsAg??


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