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What is Wazifa, and How It Works

Plural 'Wazaif'. Wazifa is the repetition of words, clauses, and sentences i.e., Names of Allah, Names of Beloved Prophet, Peace be upon Him, or other notions which were performed by Aulia Allah. These wazaif have powerful capability to transform one's self, circumstances, or even chemistry of the things. Every single sound which is uttered from the mouth has shape, form, and magnetic field. The 'Intention of the Mind' is the Powerhouse to drive the magnetic fields.

In addition to intention the Words of God have their own divine forces (mostly are unknown to mankind). When ordered in specific numbers, these wazaif create specific forms to create fields which are stronger than the object's or persons's own magnetic field, thus, applying required modifications by force. Some wazaifs' fields are so intense that the required goal is achieved almost instantly. Other wazaifs' effects take some time to come into manifestation.

The physical issues as well as spiritual issues all have their places, colors, and frequency in Body's bio-magnetic field or 'Aura' and they all have related magnetic/auric zones (after the death, when the human lives as magnetic field (auric body), these spiritual issues of Aura are still present and disturb even there. Their treatment in this world is necessary.)

Because the 'Intension' behind these 'spells' is the foundation of this whole phenomenon. It will be judged that 'WHO' is performing the Wazifa. The performance of the Wali Allah could be a million times more stronger than the one from general public. The more person's intention is pure and stronger, the quicker and with greater force the effect will be achieved. In other words, if one is not Wali Allah, but the circumstances are such that the intention of a person is greater and purest i.e., near death, the force of wazifa will be stronger accordingly.

Some Wazaif are extremely strong and requires you to properly ground the 'current', therefore you must be part of some Silsila (which shall act as a grounding system) and have proper permission to perform these special Wazaif, otherwise the results could be catastrophic. In case one has performed them without permission, should immediately start Darood Shareef and stop all other wazaif. Darood Shareef acts like first aid in grounding the excessive charge created by strong wazaif.

In Japan such experiments are accomplished in labs where some words are spoken on water, and water changes its shape of crystals. These words can be 'blessed-ones' or 'evil-ones'. And keeping in mind that human's 90% body is composed of water.

In Quantum Theory, the Observer effect is a good description how the Wazaif work. The Observer is the entity, when observes, creates the Universe, and then observes it. If there is no Observer, there isn't a thing at all.
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