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What is Pendulum Dowsing, and How To Use A Pendulum

A dowsing pendulum is an object suspended by a cord, used for obtaining information which the normal senses are unable to access on a conscious  level. You could improvise with an everyday object, such as a pendant, a chain, a plumb bob or a  ring on a thread. However, a purpose made pendulum is best because it has a  shape and geometry, that is, a symmetry. This allows the swing to be more even and, more sensitive and therefore more effective. The pendulum, as an extension of the person using it,  may be influenced both consciously and subconsciously making the responses accurate as well as inaccurate. Wishful thinking or a preconceived outcome, however slight, can be magnified making the use of the pendulum in that instance ineffective. The user  must take steps to prevent this. Insufficiently specific questioning can result in senseless responses.

THOUGHT  -  Is wishful thinking constructive or destructive?

THOUGHT  -  An experience is a reality. TRUE or FALSE?

What is a pendulum for?

A dowsing pendulum is a tool used for obtaining information from beyond normal consciousness. It helps to tap into the Higher Self and enhance intuition. There are various theories about how and why the pendulum works, and why better for some than others. There is no magic involved. Dowsing utilises the natural process of tuning-in to the Higher Self. When we are too engrossed in everyday life and materialistic worries, our powers of intuition diminish. The intuition we had as children diminishes with age in most of us as a result of ‘modern living’ and negative programming. We forget who we are. We lose the ability to listen to the Higher Self. There are different techniques to  reconnect with the Higher Self, and using the pendulum is one of these. As you become more proficient or adept, the intuition becomes so strong that you begin to know. To increase awareness and raise the  consciousness is to make that connection to the Higher Self. The  pendulum can be used in healing, energy balancing, detecting imbalances in energy fields, finding missing objects and other uses.

THOUGHT  -  Healing can take place when a shift in consciousness occurs in the recipient, which is also accompanied by a shift in consciousness in the practitioner.

THOUGHT  -  Remember the memory.

Does it matter what the pendulum is made from?

Yes, and to some extent no. It also depends on the person using the pendulum as well as the purpose, or intention of the dowser. To obtain a simple yes or no response, it should not matter. On the one hand it is the mental state of the dowser that can influence the pendulum and so the result. On the other hand it can be the material composition of the pendulum and the design, which can influence the result. This property, the shape, form, design can be used to advantage in analytical dowsing as well as in healing. This is where energy pendulums become special pendulums for more specific functions.

THOUGHT - What is the colour and pattern of your wallpaper or carpet. What does it do to your living environment?

THOUGHT - What effect does a pattern have on me or someone else?

What is an energy pendulum?

An energy pendulum is basically an energy device on a cord, and is used in a specified manner as a pendulum. It is popularly called a radionic pendulum. [RADIONICS: The word radionics has been used in different contexts and generally relates to healing at a distance using instruments. In some parts of the world it is described as psionics. Whichever word is used to describe it, the mental input of the user is required. Traditionally a black-box type of instrument is used in medical radionics. Over more recent years the term radionics has been used in other forms of energy dowsing and also attributed to some pendulums. The term radiesthetic pendulum may well describe energy pendulums also. If however, the device has the ability to be reset as with a dial or equivalent, or recharging or charging, as for example in the case of the Mermet pendulum and Isis pendulum then it can fall into the broad term of a radionic pendulum. The Universal Pendulum is one such device, which combines the 'black  box' principles with a pendulum]

Energy pendulums are constructed by observing the principle of the natural radiation of matter and geometric form. Geometry, and symmetry can be seen in the design of an energy pendulum as a whole, as well as in the structure of the materials used such as crystals and minerals. A pendulum with a cavity may also be given a geometry or design through the make-up of the sample placed within it. Homoeopaths utilise this principle to great advantage in not only determining the specific potency for an individual, but also in transmitting (broadcasting) it. The techniques in using energy pendulums are different to those techniques in using the more general pendulums.

THOUGHT  -  What properties does the pendulum have?

THOUGHT  -  Energy follows thought.

Most people have at one time or another, without knowing it, done some form of radionics. Anyone can do it with the right approach and some practice. If you have ever thought of an activity, such as a sporting event, a job interview, a date or a holiday, how do you think the final result happened? By chance? No, you made it happen by preparation and going through with it. Or not, whatever the case may be. There was a thoughtform to start with. Positive or negative or even neutral. Did you write something down or make a plan? Did you imagine or visualise the end result? Your self-talk did the rest. Did you put a ‘hex’ on someone? Were you positive or negative? Why? Did the final result enhance your existence or that of someone else?

Now we take it a step further and use the mind positively to reach a goal. How? That takes energy and some search for answers.

This 'How To' guide is a brief introduction to pendulums and dowsing, allowing a beginner to get some insights into basic pendulum use and to be able to make a choice of a suitable pendulum. There are many methods and personal preferences as well as theories and explanations. You can make up your own mind by research and experience. We may recommend some dowsing and related books throughout this site.

A weight on the end of a thread can act as a pendulum .......

How to use a pendulum?

1) The yes/no technique

2) Chart and map dowsing techniques

3) Energy dowsing

i) Analysis

ii) Treatment

1) The yes/no technique is most common in pendulum dowsing and may be achieved in several ways.

See examples (a) and (b).

Example (a)

Very simplistically, these are some of the motions which a pendulum could trace and can be seen to be as follows. Whilst these look obvious, the descriptions are written below

A. Clockwise or circular right

 B. Counter-clockwise or circular left

C. Diagonally left

D. Side to side

E. Diagonally right

F. Back and forth

Hold a pendulum cord between thumb and forefinger about three to four inches above the pendulum and let it hang more or less motionless. Ask a  question mentally for a reaction to the answer 'yes'. Wait a few seconds for a reaction, which could be one of the motions described above.

Again, let the pendulum  hang and mentally ask for a reaction to the answer for 'no'. The pendulum should move but in another manner or  direction. The fingers and arm should not be held rigidly, and any small arm or finger movements should be  allowed so that the pendulum will move! Some people have a very noticeable twitch or spasm in the arm, sending the  pendulum into motion immediately. The idea is for any movement to be  unconscious and not directly  influenced by wishful thinking.

Various reactions will be obtained by different people, male or female, as well as left or right handed, and you should be able to establish your own convention. For example, some  people find A to be yes and B to be no or vice versa. Others find yes to be C and no to be E, or vice versa. Any combination of these examples can do. You will find your own natural preferences, which may be best for  you as, after all, it is the accuracy of  results that count. For those using a pendulum for the first time, don't worry if you do not get a consistent reaction or no reaction at all. A  little practice will find results,  but don't force it. There are programming  techniques also, but for the beginner who doesn't seem to be able to get started, it could be that some de-programming may be called for! That is, allow it to happen without fear or prejudice. Look at it this way. If you are hungry, you know it and you know your body is telling you  something, and there is nothing supernatural about it. The same with the pendulum, it is purely a matter of perception and a hunger or need for  information.

Example (b)

Draw a semi-circle of about three inches radius and divide it into two segments by drawing a vertical line and a  horizontal line through the centre. Inside the left segment write the  word "no" and the minus sign (-), and inside the right segment write the word "yes" and  the plus sign (+).

Hold the pendulum  above the centre resting the elbow on the table if you feel more  comfortable that way. Propping up the elbow does not mean that the pendulum will remain still, it depends on the arm being firmly  relaxed, not tensed.

Ask the pendulum to swing in the direction of "yes" and give it a start in the forward direction  if you have to. Do the same for "no". This method has the effect of programming the pendulum/you to accept the  layout as described. Similar methods are taught by various  dowsers and again it is best to do what is  comfortable and feels right. A certain amount of intellectualism will happen with any method used but once the mind accepts the intent then the programming is complete and work can go  ahead. Glance away briefly if it doesn't move as sometimes staring at  the pendulum keeps it in one place. It is like riding a bicycle, once you move and get the feel of it, you just  know and do it automatically. Have fun but avoid trivia! We do not  advocate the pendulum taking over your life, but use it wisely as a tool for learning and transformation.More on that at a later date.

The vertical line can be used to be programmed for "neutral", waiting for  an answer if one  prefers to start with the pendulum swinging, as it will then "kick" over to the right or to the left. The horizontal line can be used to program the "don't know" response. Chart dowsing  uses  this type of technique to good advantage. You just change into whatever mode is suited for the work at hand with a suitable pendulum.

THOUGHT  -  Life is to experience.

Choosing a pendulum

The methods of choosing a pendulum are varied and there is a simple rule of thumb to observe. That is - whatever works for you is the best for you - as, after all, it is results that count. Having said that, for some forms of energy dowsing one would require a pendulum which is  made of a particular material, in a specific shape or form, and well balanced for a smooth action.

Choose a basic or general dowsing pendulum for general dowsing, e.g. yes and no questioning. This could be a conical  or rounded pendulum. Both are precision made to have a good feel in use and have pointed ends to enable them to be  used also for dowsing over charts and for map dowsing. These are made of brass, a material which is more neutral than say, wood, glass or crystal. (A crystal pendulum is in effect another energy device and will resonate  ... according to the structure ... which can get in the way, or affect some forms of dowsing)

Energy dowsing can take the form of colour therapy and chakra balancing with a view to healing on various levels. Choose  the Isis pendulum which is also good for beginners. The Isis pendulum generates  white and all colours in the white  light spectrum. It is self-cleansing by virtue of the white light emanations.

The Karnak pendulum is excellent for tuning in to mental questioning and analysing.

The Osiris pendulum should be used with caution, and certainly not by those unfamiliar with the strong energies it can emit. It is not  intended as a beginner's pendulum but for experienced healers and therapists.

Analysing energy fields can be done with any pendulum  if the right questions are formulated, but  with energy pendulums there is no questioning as such, but rather statements. Responses are various and the answer is within the total response cycle. (The responses of the pendulum are effectively the treatments as well, but more about that later).

The Universal Pendulum (U.P.) is most efficient and effective for this type of dowsing and healing. It is very easy to learn to use the  U.P. and those new to pendulums find it surprisingly accurate. This is because they have no preconceived attitude towards how a pendulum works or should work. Experienced therapists in other fields of healing have put the U.P. to great use. There is a video  cassette to assist those unable to attend a workshop.

The Mermet pendulum has also proved to be a most effective tool for homoeopaths since the cavity within the pendulum can be  used for transmitting remedies of any  potency.

Note. There is no doubt  that some precautionary measures are needed to prevent the drain of energy at the expense of the dowser, for instance in healing and  water divining. Some information will be  added soon on that topic. It is also wise to check actually and intuitively, if any intervention is for the highest good of all parties. Permission should be sought otherwise it could be an unwanted intrusion or invasion of someone’s space. (Even if they are not present!)
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