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Wazifa for mother milk feeding for baby


This is a very stressful situation when your child is not drinking milk. Because it make child weak. We all know that milk is a natural thing to drink and it builds strong bones, because it has vitamin D and a good source of protein and calcium. 
The deficiency of Vitamin D can  cause rickets, it is a disease in which children develop bent and weakened bones. It also cause muscle and nerve ailments. For growing children milk is a very important source of calories and protein as we know that this very important for kids. Lack of proper nutrition is still a problem, because many times children do not drink milk and make problem for mothers,  If you have same type of child and your child is not taking milk and you are worried for his health, then do this wazifa, 

Wazifa for mother milk feeding for baby

Do fresh wadu (ablution), recite Darood Ibrahimi 11 times, recite Ya Mateenu 500 times, then again recite Darood Ibrahimi 11 times, then blow on the child, Do this 21 days. In shaa Allah child will start drinking milk.


Ager bacha doodh na pi raha ho tu bohet hi pareyshani ki baat hoti hai maa k liye. Kiyon k bachey doodh na piney sey kamzoor hojatey han, Doodh bachon k liye bohet aham hai is men vitamid D, protein aur calcium ki kafi miqdar hoti hai, aur ye bachey ki nashonuma k liye bohet zaroroi hai, is sey bachey ki hadiyan bhi mazboot hoti hain, 
Vitamin D ki kami sey bachon men hadiyon ka terha pan hojata hai jis men hadyan kamzor ho ker terhi hojati hain, aur asaab bhi kamzoor hojatey han, aur bachon, ager aap ka bacha bhi doodh na pita ho tu us k liye ye wazifa karen,

Bachey ko mother milk pilaney ka wazifa.

Taza wazu karen, phir Darood Ibrahimi 11 bar parhen, phir Ya Mateenu 500 bar parhen, phir dobara 11 bar Darood Ibrahim parhen, phir bachey per dam kerden, 21 din ye amal karen, in shaa Allah bacha doodh piney lagey ga.

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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