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Anjeer Figs Jinsi Amraz Ke Ley


The medical advantages of figs or Anjeer Figs Incorporate its utilization as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, constipation, indigestion, piles, diabetes, cough, bronchitis, and asthma. It is also used to recover immediately the energy which some one lost in an illness.  
Figs are occasional natural products that are found in the western parts of Asia, yet dried figs are accessible all over, anytime amid the year. The fig tree is an individual from mulberry family.
The medical advantages of figs originate from the nearness of minerals, vitamins and fiber contained in the natural product. Figs contain an abundance of useful supplements, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, press, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium and chlorine.

Following are some benefits of Anjeer Figs:

Prevention of constipation
Weight loss
Lower cholesterol
Prevention of coronary heart disease
Prevention of colon cancer
Protection against post-menopausal breast cancer
Good for diabetic patients
Prevention of hypertension
Venereal Diseases
Sexual Dysfunction
Strengthens Bones
Urinary calcium loss
Prevention of macular degeneration
Relief for throat pain

Anjeer Figs to Increase Sexual Power and Time in Men:

To increase sexual power and timing use this following remedy.
  1. salab panja              = 125 Gram
  2. salab misri              = 125 Grm
  3. tukham rehan         = 125 Gram
  4. musli safed             = 125 Grm
Grind all these things and make as powder. Daily at night before going to bed. In Half Ltr Milk put one table spoon of this powder and put it in stove in light fire. Boil it till it left 1/3. then take if off the fire and put a table spoon on Honey in it and drink it. 
Also put 2 Anjeer in a cup of water whole night and in the morning eat it. Use This method 1 months. Only married men should do it.


Tibi lehaz sey Anjeer jinsi amraz k liye bohet mufeed hai. is k sath sath Qabaz, Hazma, Bawaseer, Suger, Khansi aur dama k liye bhi bohet mufeed hai. Anjeer Figs kisi mareez ko jald tawanai muhaiya kerta hai jo kisi barey marz men mubtala raha ho. 
Anjeer Figs ek mosami phal hai lakin isey khush ker k sara saal use kersaktey han. Zada ter asia men paya jata hai. Is men minerals, vitamins aur fiber mojood hotey han. Anjeer Figs men aur bhi bohet sey anasir paye jatey han jeysey vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, press, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium aur chlorine.

Anjeer Figs zada ter in masail men mufeed hai:

Qabz Kusha hai
Wazan kam kerta hai
Cholesterol kam kerta hai
Heart disease sey bachata hai
Colon Cancer sey bachata hai
breast cancer sey bachata hai
Sugar k mareezon k liye behter hai
Hypertension men mufeed hai
Bronchitis k liye hai
Venereal Diseases k liye
Jinsi amraz k liye
Hadiyon ko mazboot kerti hai
Urinary calcium loss sey bachata hai
Prevention of macular degeneration
galey k dard men mufeed hai.

Qowatey baah barhaney aur zada waqat k liye Anjeer Figs:

Quwatey baah aur time barhaney k liye ye nuskha khas use karen.
  1. salab panja              = 10 Tola
  2. salab misri              = 10 Tola
  3. tukham rehan         = 10 Tola
  4. musli safed             = 10 Tola
In sab ajza ko bareek pees len aur kisi jar men band ker k dakh den. Phir rozana raat ko Adha kilo doodh men 1 chamcha is powder ka dal ker halki aag per pakain, jab adha pao jal jaye aur deedh pao reh jaye tu isi utar len. Aur ek chamcha sahad ka daal ker pi jain. 
Is k sath hi 2 daney anjeer k ek cup pani men raat ko dal den aur sobha nihar moun wo anjeer kha len. Ek maah tak ye nuskha use karen. Sirf shadi shuda hazrat karen.

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