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Here is a collection of love marriage wazifa. So that people can find all wazifa on one place and can easily do that.
There are some rules to do these wazifa.
= 5 times namaz
=Avoid sins
=Recite darood all the time
=Give charity to poor.
=Pronunciation must be correct
=Must recite correct quantity.
=Must recite at same place and same time

Love Marriage Wazifa

If boy , girl or parents want to do love marriage but the other person is not ready then .

Parents Should Recite:

After isha salat, recite ya wadudu ya lateefu, 1111 times ,

Boy or Girl Should Recite:

After isha salat, recite Ya Jameeu, 1111 times
Then pray for your problem. do this 40 days.

Surah Taha Love Marriage Wazifa

Write ayet number 31 and 32 on a blank paper and fold it as tweez and tie on right arm.
Then after isha salat, sit on prayer mate. Recite 11 times darood ibrahimi,  Recite ya lateefu 1100 times
Recite darood ibrahimi 11 times. Pray for your marriage problem. Do this 40 days.

Love marriage Wazifa for Girls

If you are looking a suitable groom for your daughter. but still did not get it .
Do this wazifa.
After Maghrib salat, pray 2 rakat nafil. recite darood ibrahimi 11 times recite ya adlu 100 times, 300 times, or 1000 times, it depends on time you have to recite it. then pray to Allah for a nice groom.
do this 40 days.

Love Marriage Wazifa to Find Nice Groom

If a girl is at marriage age but suitable groom is not available. She should recite surah taha 11 times daily , for 21 days. Its better to recite it after fajar salat, Also recite darood ibrahimi 11 times before and after.

Love Marriage Wazifa for Hurdles in Marriage of Girl

If there are hurdles in a girls marriage, with out any reason people rejects her. She should do fresh wadu (Ablution) then recite surah al mumtahina, daily 5 times for 17 days.

Urgent Love Marriage wazifa

If girls wants an urgent marriage, She should recite Ya Moutee 11000 times for 11 days, and start from Thursday.

Best Love Marriage wazifa

If you are looking a nice and best spouse, Then this is the best wazifa . Do fresh wadu (ablution), then recite surah taha and blow on a silk cloth, small piece is enough, then make it as taweez, and girl should wear it in neck, in shaa Allah soon she will get groom of her choice.

Effective Love Marriage Wazifa after engagement

If you get engaged, but now having some problem in marriage, without any reason. Or boy or girl is not willing to marry with fiance. After isha salat recite Ya Lateefu Ya Haleemu 500 times, with darood ibrahimi 41 times before and after. In shaa Allah within one month marriage done.

Love Marriage Wazifa if Parents are not agree

If boy and girl love each other and want to get married but parents of both or one is not agree. without any solid reason then boy or girl should do this wazifa.
After Asr salat recite Darood ibrahimi 11 times, then Soah Al Asr 101 times, then again Darood ibrahimi 11 times, and then pray for your problem, do this 21 days, In shaa Allah within 21 days every one will be agree. 

100% Working Love Marriage Wazifa

If you are facing problem in love marriage. And dont want to leave your lover. and want to get married at any cost. Then this wazifa if for you.
After fajar salat recite " bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem " 786 times , with darood ibrahimi 101 times before and after. then pray for your problem, 
Then before sleeping recite " Ya Lateefu Ya Salamu " 300 times. 
Do this 40 days, In shaa Allah you will get married to your choice.

Love Marriage Wazifa if problems after engagement

If after engagement, there are problems and hurdles, and it is feeling that it may end or brake up, then, After fajar salat recite surah yaseen 2 times, then recite Ya Mueedu 1100 times, and pray for your problem, in shaa Allah with in 21 to 40 days, all problems will be solved.

For urdu Love Marriage Wazifa

For Rules to do Wazifa and Taweez check this link
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