Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wazifa to Cure Cancer and Ulcers


Arab Reciters created this recitation (TILAWAT) of the Holy Qur’an. by adding Verses of the Qur’an Kareem which has Direct Effect and a remedy of Cancer and Ulcer which are difficult or incurable by the Modern Medical Treatment, 
One should listen to this recitation ( TILAWAT ) 1 times in the morning After Fajar and 1 time in the evening After Maghrib

When one listen it may fall or want sleep, but this must be avoided. 

When one listen it may have severe symptoms or conditions leading him to want to stop listening to it, but this is caused by the effects of Black Magic, Evil Spirits or Evil Eye, In these sever condition one might feel that
1. going to die.
2. can’t listen to it anymore.
3. may have severe pain in some parts of the body; these are the organs or parts of the body in which bad effect might be present.
4. might have vomiting; there are instances (according to the Sermon) that some people had 100 or more vomiting in a day. These are the evidence that the burden of Devil is becoming light and the Evil Effects are being cured.

While listing one must be adamant to it, and when it has no clear effect on the person or the organ of the person being treated they might think that by Thanks and Blessings of Allah, the sick has been cured.

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Arab k Amil hazrat ney Quran kareem ki mukhtalif ayet ye wazifa liya hai, jo k ek Cancer aur ULcer ko theek kerta hai aur un ka jar sey khatma kerta hai, 


Sobha Fajar k baad aur sham ko Maghrib k baad 1 bar is ayet ko pora sunen, 

Syet suntey hoye baaz time need ka ghalba hota hai lakin sona nahi hai,

Jab koi isey sun raha hoga tu baaz time sakhat koft hogi aur dil chahye ga iset band kerden ager asa ho tu is ka matlab ye hai k ye kaley jadu ya jinnat ka mamala hai, is terhan k halat men feel hota hai k
1. main mer raha hon.
2. is sey zada nahi sun sakta
3. jism k kuch hison men sakhat dard shoro hojana,
4. Qey(Ulti) ana 

Isey suntey hoye bohet ghor aur taqaja sey sunen, in shaa Allah cancer aur ulcer khatam hojaye ga, kuch hi din men.

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