Thursday, May 5, 2016

Taweez Wazifa for Any Type of Illness All Disease Cure


If you are facing some health issues and tried so many doctors and medicines and still not curing then it means that this may be because of Evil eye, Black Magic, Sahir effects, Jinn effects, Asaib effects, etc etc.
So in this case no medicine  will work and you can not cure, For this case here is the Taweez and Wazifa, do it and in shaa Allah within 7 days.

On Monday within 1 hour of Sunrise write 2 copies of this naqsh, ( Watch How to Write Taweez )
Write these taweez with saffron, mix some saffron in water and take a new pen then fill it wiht this yellow water and write, fold one taweez and wear in neck, put other taweez in a bottel which already have Rain water ( is best), or River water,  then put 1 table spoon of Honey in the bottle, after some time writing of the taweez will vanished, then take out the paper and put it in river,
Now Recite Surah Fatiha 41 times and Ya Salamu 1111 times with darood ibrahimi 11 times before and after, and blow in the bottle,

Make the person drink this water 3 days, you can mix more water in it daily, and ask the patient to recite ya salamu all the time,

In shaa Allah within 7 days patient will be cured,


Ager koi bimar hai bohet sarey Doctors ko dikhaya, dawa bhi khai lakin phir bhi aram nahi arahantu is ka matlab hai k mareez per jadu, jinnat, asaib, nazar bad, siffli men sey kisi ek ka asr hai,
Is sorat men mareez kisi bhi dawa sey theek nahi ho sakta, aey mareez ye amal karen in shaa Allah 7 din men maraz jata rahey ga, aur shifa miley gi,

Peer waley din suraj niklney k ek ghantey k ander ye taweez 2 adad likhen, zaffran sey likhna hai, ( Taweez Likhney ka tariqa yahan deykhen ) thora sa zafran, thorey sey pani men mix ker k niya pen ley ke us men bher len, aur us sey likhen, phir ek taweez ko galey men pahen len, aur dosrey taweez ko ek bottle men dal den jis men pehley sey hi Barish ka pani ya ( sab sey acha hai) ya phir Darya ka pani ho, phir us men ek chamcha shahd dal ker mix kerden, kuch dare men taweez ki likhi ghayab hojaye gi phir us kaghaz ko nikal ker pani men baha den,
ab is pani per 41 bar Surah Fatiha aur 1111 bar Ya Salamu , awal o akhir darood ibrahimi 11 bar, phr ker dam karen aur ye pani mareez ko 3 din pilana hai, is bottle men aur pani mix kersaktey han,
sath hi mareez sey kahen k wo her waqat Ya Salamu ka wird rkahey,
In shaa Allah 7 din men sihat hasil hogi,

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  1. Slmz.will a normal pen work.I can't write with saffron.jazks

  2. Slmz can I plz have the translertration of the Arabic cause I can't understand ways written.


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