Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Supplications Wazfa Dua Naqsh for Thursday

Naqsh for Thursday:
1) Whoever looks at this Naqsh will prosper in this life and in the here after!
 2) The work one undertakes will be made easy for oneself!
3) He will be regarded in high esteem & be honored & loved by anyone he meets! 
4) Allah will protect him from all calamities!

Allah’s (swt) Sifat for today: ‘Ya Razzaqo = ‘Oh The Sustainer!’
One who recites this 308 times after Fajr Salat:
1) Allah will increase his sustenance!

TASBEEH:  سبحان الله و الحمد لله ولا اله الا الله و الله اكبر =   Glory be to Allah & Praise be to Allah & There is no GOD except Allah & Allah is the Greatest!
In the book “Kaskool” Mulla Bahai Ad Deen Amuli says that if you recite the tasbeehs of the week for 1000 times, Imam Mehdi (as) will come for your help. Recite it in only one sitting, at only one place, and at one time, and recite salaawat before and after.

Thursday Day Namaz:
Pray 2 rakats after Salatul Asr.  In every rakat, after Surah Fatheha recite Surah Nasr 5x, Surah Fath 5x & Surah Kawthar 5x.  After namaz, recite Surah Tawheed 40 times.
1) One who does so will be rewarded castles and houries in Jannah!
2) He will also be rewarded the reward of 100 martyrs for each verse!

Thursday Night Namaz:
Pray 2 rakats.  In every rakat, after Surah Fatheha recite Surah Zilzal 15 times.
1) One who does so, will not be fearful on the Day of Judgement!

2) He will be free of the tortures of the grave!
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