Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wazifa Dua For Rain to Come

If there is no rain and people want to have rain then after every salat recite these duas.

Dua for Rain

Allahumma "asqina ghaythan mughithan mari"an mari'an, nafi'an ghayra darrin, 
'ajilan ghayra 'ajilin.
O Allah, shower upon us abundant rain, beneficial not harmful, swiftly and not delayed.
Abu Dawud 1/303

Dua for Rain 2

Allahumma 'aghithna, Allahumma 'aghithna, Allahumma 'aghithna.
O Allah , send us rain . O Allah , send us rain . O Allah , send us rain.
Bukhari 1/224, Muslim 2/613

Dua for Rain 3

Allahum-masqi 'ibadaka, wa baha"'imaka, wanshur rahmataka, wa "ahyi baladakal-mayyita.
O Allah , give water to Your slaves , and Your livestock , and spread Your mercy , and revive Your dead land.
Abu Dawud 1/305
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