Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bhage Hue Ko Wapas Pane Bulaney Ka Amal


Ager aap ka koi gher sey bhag gaya ho, shohar gher chor ker chala gaya ho, Biwi roth ker maykey chali gai ho aur wapis na arahi ho, ulad nafarman ho ker chali gai ho, wapis aney ko taiyar na ho, ya kuch pata na chal raha ho k bhaga hoa kahan hai, tu us ka name alg alg hoorof men Qaaf aur Seen k bech men likhen, maslanager name ali hai tu asey likhen, 
ye ek taweez hoa asey 75 taweez likhen, is men sey 12 Darya men dal den, 21 ko cholhey k nichey daba den takey garmi pohnchti rahey, 21 ko taweez bana ker waha men latka den, aur 21 ko andheyi jaga per kisi bhari pather k nichey daba den, 
In shaa Allah 40 din men bhaga hoa wapis ajaye ga,


If some one has runaway, your husband left house and not coming back, your wife went to her parents house and refusing to come back, children are not obedient and run away and no idea where are they, for all these problems do this taweez, 

For example name is Ali now write the name between Qaff and seen as shown in the image, this is one taweez write 75 taweez like this,  then put 12 taweez in the river, put 21 taweez under stove or place of fire so that they become hot, hang on a tree 21 taweez, and put 21 taweez under some heavy weight in a dark room, 

In shaa Allah the person will come back with in 40 days .
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