Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ghr se Bimaryo ko Door Krne Ka Wazifa


To get rid of all diseases from the house and safety of all family members do this Ghr se Bimaryo ko Door Krne Ka Wazifa.

Take some rain water in a pot but dont let it fall down on the floor, rain water must be collected directly in the pot, 
Then Recite 

70 Times Surah FAtiha
70 Times Ayet ul Kursi
70 Times Surah Ikhlas
70 Times Surah Kafiron
70 Times Al-Ala 
70 Times Surah Qadar
70 Times 3rd kalima
70 Times Allah ho Akber
70 Times la ilaha illallah
70 Times Darood Ibrahimi

and blow  on this water and keep it in a safe place, take one sip daily in the morning and evening, in shaa Allah all disease will go away, It has the power to cure of all disease, 


Ghr sey her kisam ki bimari ko dor kerney k liye, Ghr se Bimaryo ko Door Krne Ka Wazifa karen

Ek bartan men Barish ka pani jama ker len,, lakin barish ka pani direct barten men girey zameen per gira hoa pani use nahi kerna hai, 

phir is pani per 

70 Bar Surah FAtiha
70 Bar Ayet ul Kursi
70 Bar Surah Ikhlas
70 Bar Surah Kafiron
70 Bar Al-Ala 
70 Bar Surah Qadar
70 Bar 3rd kalima
70 Bar Allah ho Akber
70 Bar la ilaha illallah
70 Bar Darood Ibrahimi

Phr ker dam karen, aur pani sambhal ker rakh len, is men sey sobha shaam thora thora pani 7 din use karen keysi hi bimari ho shifa miley gi in shaa Allah,
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